Virtual Assignments

Virtual Assignments

In anticipation of #ReadyPlayerOne – here are some links to some games based on the Arcade Classics in Mr Landys Virtual Arcade that started making gamification make sense!

Career Thinking via MyBlueprint

primary games


Making Puzzles

T(ec)hursday challenge: Can we get through these mazes by clicking on the right switches to open pathways? MAZE SWITCHES


Past T(ec)hursday Challenges

Created by a Grade 8 Student: Score a goal!

We like flying – Learn to Fly 3 – and working on our music videos!

We have been trying to think and see in three dimensions – try out starlight and align the stars so try Starlight

We have been working on shapes with Miss Ashleigh, so try to beat Mr Landys score on the best pattern/shape game EVER: Tetris

Another game Mr Landy got to play ‘the original’ of….. SIM CITY  although SIM CITY 2000 graphics might be easier to see….

or explore Plate Tectonics

Online drawing:

What kind of engineer are you?!

then: MadBombs (needs flash)

then: a Dim Sum “Dish it Out” Challenge

(start by making a logo then you can start the game)

or (bonus) can you help them find the parts they need for an invention:

GOOGLE Santa Code Game


Christmas Tree LIghtup! (needs flash)

To tie in with our restaurant project: LEMONADE STAND

A bit of classic fun: DEFENDER




Star Wars related:

May the Fourth Be With You Games


Build an Ewok Village

Build robots in the jawa junkyard

Be a Galactic Spy



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