Day 64 (of 187) Coding Stations 2018 #hourofcode

Day 64 (of 187) Coding Stations 2018 #hourofcode

I’m a fan of differentiation. I don’t believe everyone needs to be doing the same thing (task) as everyone else.


1. iPad game problem solving (variety and age appropriate)

2. Graffiti board. Building on tagging the board and building on top of others work

3. Minecratt. @willrich45 wrote a book on it. An amazing learning tool.

4. Puzzles (variety from pictures to T puzzle – only one way…)

5. CrossyRoad via AppleTV……

6. Old school video games (NES mini nes plug&play Pac-Man etc) where like life, things just get faster till you die

7. Every hear has a new neat challenge – we are hoping to do some December lunchtime dances and I’d love some kids to code some dances for us!

8. My virtual assignments page

9. Buddha Board – you can create, but it fades away…

10. Marbleblast gold on an old iBook. Those that know it know why I include it!

11. Santasnaps to practice photoboothing and green screening

12. Make your own puzzle!

13. Bottle flip

14. Snap Circuits

15. Keva blocks

16. Lego Architecture – all white to remove anxiety. You can see it melt away as creators don’t stress about having enough red blocks for …..

17. Super TiC Tac Toe (a big tic taco toe game you win squares by winning smaller games!)

18. Scratch jr and when that didn’t work for one coder – of course he got to grab a laptop and work on Scratch!

19. Cup stacking (tower challenge – can you make it reach the roof without you climbing onto something)

20. And the new tool at our school – Nintendo switch to work on teamwork and friendship. Today we had four people playing MarioKart

Some stations are more popular than others, but oddly it is always different for each class – and two key goals were reached:

(1) Everybody got frustrated for a bit but (2) everyone got in-frustrated. Because a coding mindset means we are okay getting frustrated, but not staying frustrated!

The free flowing attitude certainly worked well for the learners though. Allowed some sampling of unfamiliar activities. Allowed for collaboration (always a staple of tech infused classrooms)

Students asked “how do I…”

They tried. They persevered. They found successes (where they didn’t necessarily expect to find it!) they were coders.

It showed them that coding has a wide variety of applications and ways to practice. That a coding mindset can help them in all their learning. And that it can even be fun….

….because even through the video games they learn that with work they can level up. That there is always an extra life. And a reset is always option!!


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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