Day 186 (of 186) so long and thanks for all the fish

Day 186 (of 186) so long and thanks for all the fish

“Look” said my son, “they’re so happy we’re leaving they are throwing a parade!” …..It was Canada Day….and that was our old community’s Canada day parade….

Transitions are uncomfortable. They push our senses of safety and belonging. Whether it is from one grade to another, one school to another or in the case of the Landy family this year, one community to another.

The past six years have allowed me to do some piloting of strategies to support eportfolios (rather than the vagueness of traditional report cards) and enhancing some of the skills needed to champion mental wellness.

My kids have experienced great successes (top overall grade 12 girl) and the lowest of lows (uninvited from middle school). We have all experienced moments of leadership and inspired by the role models around us.

As with every learning community, we had some eye rolls and some thumbs ups. Lots of smiles a couple of tears and met some fabulous people. The students I’ve been working with are hoping that I keep updating my “virtual assignments” page….and I will!

We are becoming a “ferry family” as I fully embrace my #westcoastbias as we move right onto the coast (which is partially why I think Lebron signed with the Lakers😜). Looking forward to meeting new people and pushing into new directions!

We are adjusting (or getting ready to adjust) as our oldest is off to university – in a “tough to get into” engineering program our east. The family structure is going to change – and that’s going to take some time to get used to!

But to help support change, I always reflect on a lunch I shared with Andy Hargreaves ( @hargreavesBC ) who had just written his book on Change – and we talked about frequency (3 years when a lot of turmoil up to 7 if things are calm) and geography (cultural change of district vs changing schools) which made me

A) comfortable to change and experience different geographical regions (school boards)


B) when dealing with “weird/stressful times” make a change sooner rather than later -essentially make sure you leave happy – and as I liken it to skiing: it is better to be finished thinking you could squeeze in “one more run” because it is often that last one that doesn’t go so well….

At the time, we had just gone through an process of blending two schools into one and then pushed forward with a 1:1 laptop program (or darn close to 1:1) and as I shared the story of our district and the school, Andy said I should’ve left the past September.

And though change and transitions aren’t always comfortable – they do bring a sense of adventure and “newness”….my son won’t have the same anxiety/autism = teen house presumptions. My youngest daughter will still be able to play band in a district that supports a strong music program. I get to do some pushing in the areas of tech and mental wellness. And my wife gets to explore and do something new….close to the ocean that she grew up so close to and had spent most of her married life away from.

So long to the Shuswap and thanks for all the Salmon! Hello to Powell River and all the excitement that we are anticipating in “what’s next”!


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Educator in BCs Sunny Shuswap Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback
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