Day 134 (of 186) eLearning (a PDF’d worksheet is NOT eLearning)

Day 134 (of 186) eLearning (a PDF’d worksheet is NOT eLearning)

Interesting to have a flurry of tech + Educ questions and thinkings sent my way. I have long advocated the blending of technology and education as technologization – and my belief is that tech should not be about making “old things easier” – math times tables on games vs mad minutes….NOR should it be a way to save photocopy costs (project a story rather than run from a class set of readings) not that these can’t be helpful: especially as the “complexity” of math can be personalized easier online than on a piece of paper – and there is value in not only having a book-on-screen, but using “bonus tools” such as speech options.

I love that one of my boys has literally “found his voice” with help from his iPad. Some preprogrammed words and phrases help him express his wants and needs. We don’t always get every word or thought, but its a lot better than when he didn’t have words to choose from! It is easy for his thought to move way too fast for his mouth to catch up (still working on what YouTube he may have been referring to with what I thought sounded like Barnaby X – maybe barnacle-ly but definitely not barnacle bear!!)

I love that typing continues to help writers who get distracted by neatness and over-erasing – the ease of highlighting and simple deletion can be very calming. And everyone’s font prints just as neatly as everyone else’s. But those are easy differentiations- it’s better when you can add things that can’t be duplicated by a typewriter…like voice-to-text options (Love how Siri and Alexa learn your speech idiosyncrasies) and the portability where you aren’t all in the same room – hoping that inspiration strikes at the same time the computer lab is booked. But we can go beyond that – ideally our tech should allow us to enable our learners to show what they know in ways not possible without tech – while still being aware that what may be “old school” for us (PowerPoint keynote prezi) may still be innovative for “them” (so we can stop bad habits like too many words on a screen) before they become bad habits.

F’r instance:


Websites for ____

Visual presentation on ______

Music video using ppt/iMovie/variety of apps

Live casts

YouTube (my son is still confused why we don’t teach how to best create a presentation for this format)

Still of value….

Typing (but also voice to text) but flexible about what “best typing strategy”” may be…..

Word processing (but also adding graphics – info graphics are cool – how many traditional essays do we read vs news-style stories)

PowerPoint presentations (but minimal words) – see Presentation Zen

Books on mp3 (picture books read as movie….many on YouTube)

Coding – a coding mindset does not require electricity…..but it can sure accelerate the interest and output!

Learning connected to games – lots previewed on my virtual assignments page:

What might be next

Virtual field trips – 2nd life reborn? Inspiration from the Oasis from Ready Player One…?

Online dissections (or engineering, or coding – working out tests in a virtual world before moving onto prototyping in the real world)

3D printing – as much as we are getting more 3D printers into schools I still think we are at the starting line for this technology! Looking forward to food replicators so that Canada can join every other G8 nation and have a food program for its students.

Completely online learning portals that are not PDFs of old correspondence courses – as much as I believe in face-to-face educational interactions in brick and mortar schools…..I could have a pretty swag avatar….

As I sometimes will do – this list will continue to be expanded upon (in a new blog page)

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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