Ian Landy Resume

Ian Landy, MEd


University of Phoenix Masters of Education (Curriculum and Instruction) 

Action Research Project in Teacher Leadership


University of British Columbia Bachelor of Education (Language Arts & Elementary Education Double Major) 

Stella Shopland Memorial Award for Distinguishment in Childrens Literature


University of British Columbia Bachelor of Arts (English Literature & History Double Major) 

UBC Big Block Recipient (Football)


Career Highlights

  • Principal of Sorrento Elementary, School District 83 (North Okanagan Shuswap)
  • Piloting a provincial project on eportfolios to communicate student learning as an evolution to reporting student achievement
  • Participant in provincial Creativity Committee with work looking at Core Competencies as connecting the BCEdPlan with the ‘new’ curriculum and how to assess/evaluate/value them
  • On BCPVPA Communications Committee looking at strategies to better share out professional learning options and opportunities (twitter, blogs, periscope etc)
  • Currently taking part in a “180 days of blogging” challenge at www.technolandy.wordpress.com
  • Part of UBC/BCPVPA Short Course as a mentor working with Principals & Vice Principals
  • Established Learning Commons & “movement” rooms with an Anxiety Awareness focus
  • Advocate and user of Assessment For Learning (AFL), 21st Century Skills & Strategies and personalized learning with a Universal Design for Learning (UDL) approach
  • Use positive progressive support when working through issues involving students and staff and rely on restitution whenever possible
  • Promote innovative assessment & communication practices, including a 1:1 laptop initiative, an iPod Nano Video Assessment project, weekly video blogs, month-in-review videos, twitter-feeds, daily blogs and ePortfolios with a descriptive feedback emphasis
  • Presenter on a variety of topics related to my use of technologization, differentiated instruction, assessment & curriculum, and the blending of technology and curriculum (including learning structures such as Geniushour and Self Organized Learning Environments) at staff meetings, assemblies, and district & provincial professional development workshops (most recently at UBC IOP, BCPVPA Friday Forum, CUEBC, BCPVPA Connecting Leaders, CanFlip)

Resume of Ian Landy, MEd Page 2

Professional Experience


Principal, Sorrento Elementary, Sorrento, BC

School District No. 83 (North Okanagan Shuswap) 250-675-2311

Principal of a rural school on the Shuswap and teaching grade 4 & 5 students where our school goals have been focusing on self-regulation & communicating learning journeys


District Principal, Transportation – Prince George, BC 

School District No. 57 (Prince George) 250-561-6800

Principal portfolio administrating Student Transportation Services throughout School District No. 57


Principal, Beaverly Elementary – Prince George, BC 

School District No. 57 (Prince George) 250-964-9311

Principal at a semi-rural school to the West of Prince George


Vice Principal, College Heights Elementary – Prince George, BC 

School District No. 57 (Prince George) 250-964-4408

Vice Principal at a dual track French Immersion Elementary


Vice Principal, Carney Hill Elementary – Prince George, BC 

School District No. 57 (Prince George) 250-562-7201

Full Time Vice Principal at an inner city school with the most ‘at-risk population’ (highest EDI score) in BC


JW Inglis Elementary 

Lumby, BC Vernon School District 

Teacher-In-Charge Grades 3-7; Library; HPL; Computer Resource Teacher


Kalamalka Secondary

Coldstream, BC Vernon School District

English 8, 10 & 11


St. Thomas More Collegiate Burnaby, BC Private School

English 8, 9, 12; Socials 8, 9, 10; Civilizations 12; Info Tech 12 


David Stoddart Secondary

Clinton, BC Gold Trail School District Library; Socials 9, 10, 11; Physical Education 8-12; CAPP 12


Cayoosh & Riverview Elementary Schools

Lillooet, BC Gold Trail School District Library K-7; French 7

Resume of Ian Landy, MEd Page 3

Educational Leadership

  • School leadership in a variety of school communities in both elementary and secondary learning communities
  • An active participant at conferences, presenting on ‘Technologization’ at three BCPVPA Connecting Leaders Conferences; “Disruptive Classrooms” at CanFlip14; eportfolios at CUEBC, SD23& UBC IOP
  • Support Professional Learning Community development ideologies
  • Enhancing understanding of the role of differentiation, AFL, 21st Century Skills, UDL, personalized learning projects and technology usage throughout the learning community
  • Involvement in various District Committees (including Technology, Assessment/Report Cards, Contracts, Professional Development) and provincial work on FSAs
  • Work with university teacher-candidates & school staff through mentoring programs and School Based collaboration
  • Part of hiring committees and responsible for interviewing and hiring of all levels of education professionals
  • Teacher Evaluations with descriptive feedback & rubrics and positive/progressive discipline as necessary
  • Contract Committees both on behalf of the BCPVPVA and to review Teacher Union contracts

Curriculum, Special Education & Assessment

  • Promote Balanced Assessment through Professional Learning Communities on assessment of, as, and for learning
  • Explore and practice student focused (and standards-based) learning vie project based learning
  • Involved with Assessment Committees and the District Student Support Services Department to implement innovative practices in my schools and in those that I influence
  • Designed differentiated programs for students with unique needs and work with district student support teams to provide programs such as our movement room (formerly our schools Self Regulation room)
  • Involved in designing inclusive, adapted and modified education programs to meet the individual needs of all
  • Working with and administrating Area Support Teams (psychologists, speech & language pathologists, and occupational therapists) and collaborating with Behaviour Interventionist Teams 
  • Designed and created report cards that communicated AFL strategies; evolved to eportfolios


  • Piloted iPads in the Classroom with the Sorrento Learning Community
  • Modelling my own reflections via my daily blog/online portfolio at www.technolandy.wordpress.com
  • Communicate with the Learning Community via video podcasts, Facebook and twitter
  • Promoted iPod Touch Lessons with teachers, and video assessment of student success using iPod Nanos and iPads
  • Initiated PowerPoint Portfolios for Student Led Conferencing and to document my own experiences
  • Use of laptops for a variety of technological-curricular projects including piloting a 1:1 eLearning initiative

Community Focus

  • Promoting community though involvement in learning communities and after-school initiatives & activities; working with local organizations to enhance relationships between the school site & larger community
  • Involved in Aboriginal Youth Leadership projects Supportive and involved in both PAC and Community initiatives
  • Prince George City Traffic Safety Committee College Heights Community Association Volunteer
  • Helped with enhancing the local Salmon Trail in Lumby, BC

Literacy & Numeracy

  • Diversified reading of books at multiple levels (eg 6 level literature circle on “The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe”)
  • Presented on Recreational Mathematics at CanFlip 14
  • Piloted a Wireless Writing program with grade 4 learners
  • A School District 22 Pilot School for the Friends For Life Program
  • Lead Numeracy Teacher experience; online math pilot for independent learners

Athletics & Fine Arts

  • Coached Football at a variety of schools (2x provincial champs)
  • Involved in coaching and planning events at school & with the communities I am part of (currently involved in community basketball and soccer & 83Learns District Track & Field)
  • Promote Fine Arts throughout school and district including Art Fairs in Salmon Arm
  • Coordinated school plays and fine arts events; participated in district and community festivalsResume of Ian Landy, MEd Page 4

Educational Philosophy

I believe in…

  • focusing on making our district the best place that it can be and helping students create and succeed in school environments that they are proud of.
  • promoting technologization – using technology as a key tool in the lives of our students to support 24/7/365 learning.
  • always exploring practice and collaboratively personalizing the learning experience via initiatives such as GeniusHour and SOLEs (Self Organized Learning Environments)
  • being flexible and adaptable to work with all students and staff in a variety of roles and environments and being available to do many jobs when required, either individually or as part of a team.
  • modelling and promoting a balanced approach to assessment; seeking ways to continue to know when assessments are being used of, for, or as student achievement and relying on feedback loops to know where ‘we are’.
  • being an educational and co-curricular leader, promoting and participating in extra-curricular activities in our school when I can, and supporting others when they are taking the lead.
  • the necessity of being a communicator – able to listen, empathize, interact and connect with my students, parents and co-workers to make our school as effective as possible.
  • being an educational leader who promotes the importance of community and creativity within my school and throughout our neighbourhood.
  • creating lighthouse schools during this time of educational change where a collaborative environment is established that lets everybody demonstrate their strengths in diversified leadership roles and continually reflect upon and improve their instructional practice.
  • having high expectations that translate into high achievement for myself and those I work with.
  • building positive relationships; creating a very effective and positive classroom environment with clear expectations and an atmosphere that supports positive discipline practices.
  • having a good sense of humour and positive energy that I share with my colleagues, parents and students to help strengthen and build relationships.
  • modelling and promoting life long learning with continued studies and through my presenting and attending a variety of workshops in a wide range of education topics.
  • Willing to trust the process and not rush to judgement or decisions – though can also work very fast when appropriate
  • being known for my honesty, integrity, being firm but fair and always doing what is best for kids.

Leadership Statement

I believe that a school district needs to be a place where all children can succeed. By building a community of respect, developing positive relationships, understanding the cultures of our schools and sharing a common vision, students will be successful. It is vital for jurisdictional leaders to model a positive and progressive learning environment using 21st Century Skills, Balanced Assessment, Differentiation and Descriptive Feedback. Parents and other stakeholders need to be respected and become advocates of their learning community.

Educational leaders need to create an atmosphere that embraces a shared vision of education that will result in program cohesion and student success. Broad involvement, collaboration and reflection activities need to take place within the learning community. Learners should find all schools in the greater learning community to be engaging and supportive learning environments that respond to the varied needs of themselves and their community. Relationships should be developed to enhance a culture of respect and mutual support; where learners find relevance and meaning in their studies and understand that learning can be personalized and inspiring. The school district needs to the leader in a community where all learners can excel.

6 Responses to Ian Landy Resume

  1. Hi Ian – I am hoping to connect with you about an idea and thought that you might be the person who could steer me in the right direction – if not help me directly. Would you mind sending me a quick email if it’s ok with you? Adrienne@readingpowergear.com Thank you very much! And thank you for all your supportive tweets and comments! I do appreciate it and feel grateful that my work has made a difference to your work!

  2. Maryann says:

    Help!. We have a 12th grader struggling in Foundations of Math 12. We just had an educational center test him and he is ranging from grade 7-10 on various math concepts.His current mark is hovering around 20%. What would you suggest we do? Tutoring has not proven to be helpful in the past. He is motivated to get through and he needs this course to go on to university. He is doing well in all other courses but the math wiring just doesn’t seem to be there.

    • technolandy says:

      Tricky question to answer ‘from afar’ – but it may be worth a conversation with the teacher to see what their view is; math 12 isn’t needed for all university entrances….but perhaps accessing info via khan academy for reinforcement/pre teaching? Or perhaps online through the district?
      Always tough when the interest in math is low…

  3. Collette Ellis-Toddington says:

    My goodness it has been a few years! Your father would be so proud of you being on the cutting edge of technology in Education

    • technolandy says:

      A few of us were just talking about you (chilliwack folks at bcpvpa chapter counsel) how inspiring you have been and remain as you take a global leadership influence! Thank you for stumbling on my blog!!

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