Arcade Classics

In anticipation of #ReadyPlayerOne – here are some links to some games based on the Arcade Classics mentioned in the book and listed in order that I recall playing them the most (some due in part to having an Atari 2600 and not every game system that came out – so some games I had to wait until I went to my cousins house – he had an NES….and Donkey Kong and Mario and Duck Hunt….)


Space Invaders


Yars Revenge (the first game we borrowed from a friend – and binge played!)


Defender (x is the fire button)


Dig Dug

Q-bert (I like to remember this being my sisters favourite – at least I remember we got a board game version)


Golden Axe

Empire Strikes Back (this is not the original – but a scratch version!)

Galaga (very similar to Space Invaders)

Donkey Kong



Joust (I never really got the hang of this one)

Burgertime (I remember this one being a bit weird)


If you missed what may be the worst game ever : ET The Extra Terrestrial emulator

and the game that got me through the 90s: Tetris


And a complete list of games referenced in the book: