Day 62 (of 186) #hourofcode with thanks to @hadip 

Day 62 (of 186) #hourofcode with thanks to @hadip

Today as we were going over our daily schedule one of my boys started a dreaded statement “what? #hourofcode this afternoon…” his statements like this usually end with “that sucks” or “I hate that” or “omg” etc. So my ears were surprised when he finished with “that sounds fun!”

I don’t just do an hour of code on the first week of December – though a few years ago that was when I was doing library work and trying to normalize coding “games” in my daily practice – but since then coding has become a normal part of practice – but I still highlight “coding week” to support and encourage others.

But CUEBC has been amazing – the class has benefitted tremendously from using iPads and spheres to differentiate coding:

from remote control drones

to simple codes

to complex codes

(and talking and thinking about earning ‘badges’ as they ‘level up).

I love emphasizing the “coding mindset

  • we are going to get frustrated (but not stay frustrated)
  • when we don’t know what to do, we will do something (not the same thing again and again)
  • we can build on the work of others (‘research’ is just a fancy way of looking over shoulders and stealing what somebody else is already doing)
  • we can support each other as a community (if I know something, I will share and teach it because that’s the right thing to do – white hats)


And to help my class, they get to choose some different ones on my virtual assignments page or go to

On my site the following coding challenges can be found (as a way for my colleagues on-staff to give them a try)


Starting simply:

Coding Tree Light Up:

(I’ve used this as a start to a ‘class record’ mini-competition – last year i had a grade 2 girl complete the light-up in under a minute….beat all the grade 8s who thought they were unbeatable – so far our fastest is 578)


A tad more challenging:

Google’s Logo Challenge:



and of course for the most diverse collection of coding options: for the full meal deal!!


I appreciate that coding has so many different entry and exit points. It allows visual learners to be visual while still enabling tactile learners to be involved and linear thinkers to think linearly.


It is truly fantastic how Hadi Partovi has turned a little concept – an hour of code – into a huge mind shift change. So if you’re nervous about what coding is all about (and I have done coding centers that don’t even need electricity….because it’s about the mindset more than the screens) give it a try – has a huge range of activities to engage students into authentic coding experiences….and it’s just for an hour! (to start……bwah ha ha ha) and it’s making Gary Larson’s comic a little more real…


Image result for gary larson far side parents hope

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