SOL (2016) 6 growth mindsets via @pernilleripp @gcouros

SOL (2016) 6 growth mindsets via @pernilleripp @gcouros 

I’ve been a fan of the work of Carol Dweck in her book Mindset where she talks about the importance of growth mindsets ….. I even refer to her work in many of my own blogs

That ties in with some recent discussions I have heard this year with the work of George Couros as he created The Innovators Mindset

So often these discussions have led to the understanding that sometimes learning takes time and different ways to look at a situation. The innovators mindset is very similar to the growth mindset as both make it clear that there is no “one” way…and that the mind needs to have the flexibility to do different/more based on new information (learning). 

And even more so on a variety of media (at least three podcasts and a couple of times on TV) that have linked back to a phrasing that Muhammed Ali said:

Then today I got to read a reflection of a review by Pernille Ripp (who inspired me to return to the library with the teaching component of my principalship)

A gut wrenching reflection where she rethinks what she thought she knew. And most importantly – she admits it. Wait – even more importantly she mindfully grew her knowledge. She reflects on how the change in what she was reading was influenced by her schema (background knowledge) and reaffirms the importance of understanding and being willing to change the way you think/perceive/understand the world. Pernille bears her soul and shows what all great educators need to do: have a growth mindset… learn and always do better… do different when it makes an authentic difference. 

It’s never easy to admit the need to change….and even harder to share when you got something wrong (not the right word – it’s only wrong if you stick with it long after you have learned more…) re-understood. The more we learn the better we can do things different and help the next generation of learners & doers. Thank you Pernille. 

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