Day 44 (of 185) Leaderful Mindsets via @sabrecherkowski

Day 44 (of 185) Leaderful Mindsets via @sabrecherkowski


This afternoon we had our monthly district-PVP meeting. And to kick things off we had UBCO’s Sabre Cherkowski come and do another bit of work with us building off of her book Flourishing Schools


and today’s topic was Leaderful Mindsets <– yep…it’s a thing!


I liked the link to Mindfulness (which reminded me of an earlier blog:

and the practicing on how to get into a mindful state of mind (which requires a growth mindset: )



I appreciated the value of emphasizing the importance of trust and team doing this “leaderful mindset” time – especially when working with change…..and the need to emphasize being “present” and “active listening” (because it’s not just me saying/doing this – it is being supported and proven again and again! Yay!!)



Because as much as we “add to our plates” as educational leaders, just as important is wondering “What can I/we let go of”?



In my thinking, Leaderful means:

more than one leader working at one time; and at the same time

we need to be open, both in what we do and what we share (feedback loop)

compassion/kindness is key as well in order to use everybody strengths appropriately.




For myself, during an activity I synthesized my core Leaderful Mindset values to:

authenticity (I have been introduced/referred to as “real” by many)

creativity (I have a willingness to try/think different as to why we do what we do)

humour (gotta have a willingness to look at the funny sides of our world

openness (my daily blog has really helped me reflect on what I have learned each day and encouraged me to continue to grow as an educational leader).




—> a cumulating activity had us place our key words onto a coffee mug so that we can be consistently reminded about why we do what we do….and an extension could be to build these mugs as a staff…..what values do we have and what evidence do we have…or want to have over the course of a year?!

—> a  final reminder was given to us about the importance of mindfulness and how things work better when we put mental wellness at the front of our leadership strategies… be leaderful in what we do!


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