Bonus Blog (of 183) a review of Innovators Mindset by @gcouros

A few years ago I met George Couros – he was doing a presentation at a conference (just before he was keynoting) and a colleague and myself agreed: he was a genuine educator whose message was genuine: we can do education in a way that is meaningful and relevant for our learners – so let’s do it. 

I have always been inspired by Georges tweets and blogs so I had high (lofty?) expectations of what he would publish as a book. My hopes were fully realized as I read Innovators Mindset – it is an inspiring read that asks as many good questions as it does provide a roadmap that can be followed – but not ‘the’ roadmap – because (as our eportfolios help show) each learning journey is unique!

I found the Innovators Mindset easy to connect with. George has a writing style that feels casual whole provoking the brain into doing some deep thinking. He sets the table by talking about what is and isn’t involved in being innovative (essentially boiling it down to innovative mindsets make learning new and/or different) – not a checklist, but helping identify the conditions needed for innovation. 

A mix of inspirational stories and examples from educators who are modelling innovation mindsets. A blend of Georges first-hand practices along with samplings shared by other educators. An unveiling that an innovators mindset does not happen overnight – that it takes time and effort, which over time becomes more inspirational and more ‘a way of doing’ – or as George says, “today’s innovation could be tomorrow’s norm”. 

In short – if you want an inspiring read to see if your culture & leadership style is innovative, read this book. If you want to get a glimpse of what education may (should/will) be, read this book. If you want to inspire others to have them think different about education, gift this book. 

In Canada:’s-Mindset-Empower-Learning-Creativity-ebook/dp/B016YTBZKO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1451697918&sr=8-1&keywords=Couros

In US:

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