Day 57(of 187) my thinking from #it4k12 @bcerac

Day 57(of 187) my thinking from #it4k12 @bcerac

K1. Keynote by @ARstories on Augmented Reality

Being able to “see” that which may not otherwise be seen – from a virtual menu to seeing where veins are…or where pipes are below the ground….check out HoloAnatomy!!

Wow… sometimes it is hard to tell what the difference between AR and reality is! Amazing ways to learn about the human body though….

VIDEO link

Or a menu!


Heck, even viewing furniture either at a store, or IKEAs catalogue which now allows virtual furniture placement based on your house.

Want to know what makeup looks like? Try before you buy?!?

—> Modiface

Esp a tattoo… —> inkhunter

—> remotear

what about snap spectacles

even better, what if this was able to be even more plugged in to help our visually impaired people – starting with Described Audio… read out text when its not in braille….

—> SEEING AI – app!!

—> Be my Eyes

—> NOTABLE WOMEN – to put famous US Women on US Currency in augmented reality!

—> Hacking the Heist by Cueseum

—> Quiver Vision – augment your own drawing Quiver Education

—> Dead Mans Nose

—> Cable Labs <— enhance curiosity

pros and cons – do we rely on tech, or does tech empower us —> specifically Dot who does reminders, but sometimes interrupts (rescues) possibly too often. And no teachers in the promo video – Teachers will still be vital in the future of learning – The shared video also emphasizes the visual…but so many learners need tactile, audio, etc “other experiences”. We can’t stay in “virtual environments” – we need virtual shared spaces for shared workspaces (and remote learning) but we also need non-augmented reality for both independent and group learning.

Term I like: Calm Computing = the tech is there for when it is needed, but mostly “in the background” – a mindful approach (and awareness of appropriate senses) is most important.


2. Explore the world with Google Cardboard:

there are grants – national geographic, best buy,

cardboard viewer + repurposed devices….

360 imagery and video (even on youtube) can push boundaries

A great way to help explore areas that may not normally be accessible to learners!

A good extension after doing some thinking and and around augmented reality!


3. some Teachers of Transformable Learning from SD5 sharing on How to Host a Hackathon

considering my oldest girl was at Google HQ in Toronto for a WIE (Women in Engineering) Hackathon, I am very curious about how to bring this into a K-7/12 environment.

There are online and virtual spaces hackathons….but for this example, the “new” curriculum enables more movement and communication and collaboration.

Is it every student on a computer typing away? Coding Hackathons are a thing…

In a video share, I did like the moment where after some frustrations and some “trying” they decided to walk away for a bit – sometimes the brain does wondrous things when it has time to do some rendering/processing!

Learning despite (and because of) failure? Thats a definite key piece of hacking!!

Check out Austins Butterfly as to how Hacking (and related Descriptive Feedback) can help:

Really – a blend of “hacking” with design thinking theories and project based learning, divergent thinking (how many ways can you use a paperclip…. a straw… a cardboard box….

Hackergals – Dec 12 event….!

Codeaguy (SD 5 event for the boys) choose topic first – then look at/for tools – tools need to be creative tech, not consumption tech…

skills to practice:

how to save

how to share

how to present

how to collaborate

how to brainstorm and generate ideas

how to airdrop

Pick a space. ie flexible workspace

whiteboard tables

tools like make makey-makey to help build an arcade.

Hmmm hack-a-gal arcade?? rube goldberg?? safe egg drop?? pick a lock?? repurposing a basic item (straw, paperclip, ruler etc) How to make gum…?

—> Mr Landy’s office is locked and the key broke. How can we get into the office without breaking anything?

—> what can make the world a better place?

I like the idea of full day actualization – morning of brainstorming, wondering, sharing, thinking – middle of making mistakes, end of day sharing (or next morning…..!)



Gary Stager – the best makerspace is between your ears brings back logo commands (coding/online version of cubertto)


What is Privacy? Hard to define but you know it when you see it (or have it intruded upon)

10 Fair Information Principles

1. Accountability

2. Identifying purpose

3. Consent

4. Limiting Collection

5. Limiting use, Disclosure, and Retention

6. Accuracy

7. Safeguards

8. Openness

9. Individual access

10. Challenging compliance

“FIPPA in 2 minutes or less”

Information collection as a gateway

Privacy VS Secrecy – transparent of why & what (and how) you are doing what you do

Less about rules and more about pondering the “why”. Privacy Officer has power over “reasonableness” as to interpretations of policies and procedures. Don’t need universal agreement as there are different interpretations within an office let alone between districts…

Privacy does need security….

Privacy is like steam and security is like steam pipes.

There can be unintentional breaches.

But need to be watched over.

Need one person who “gets it” – a benchmark to go against.

Needs maintenance and checks – both over the security and what is being secured (the right info – not too much, not too little)

Use appropriate language to explain the what/why not jus legalese-

Cobit 5 is the BC framework. Admittedly a business framework (not meant to be done on own….may need outside company

Again big Q: do you know why ______


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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