Day 129 (of 189) a book deal!

Day 129 (of 189) a book deal!

I thought I might get a book deal for one of my writings to do with education – who would think it would come from fiction?!? Definitely leading to me having to find some time to do more writing!


Here is the opening:

I blame Lillooet British Columbia.

They were the community that started “The Monitor” after the virus struck. They say the virus,  was similar to the flu – except it wasn’t.  When people got it, they were were deemed coronials and not expected to live. And they were definitely not allowed to go outside. But they did. 

So when the request for social distancing went unheeded, the media made a cry for tracking those people who wouldn’t stay home. At first it was just for those infected, but very quickly the declaration to stay at home was for everyone…sick or not. The only exception was for those who needed to go to pick up groceries in places where the stores would not ship your order. 

But apparently there were still too many people and towns were trying to figure out what to do to keep track of violators. Then this small town in rural Canada shared their idea and it went viral. A bracelet was attached to each person – kinda like those ones the hospital put on you when you were admitted, but these were even harder to get off…and they had a chip in them that would send a signal through the cell network that let the hospital track them. But the hospital didn’t trust just anyone to see which people were doing what, they used an app called The Monitor. It would send a message to a central hub to let them know if someone left their house at an unapproved time. It quickly became “any time”.

The success of their first few days exploded on the internet. Every community wanted to copy this model. Then the fines started. Then we heard stories of people going out for walks, but not coming home. 

Apparently then things got weird. 

My dad would tell me stories of different things he knew of. Apparently, there were these things called restaurants that you could go to with other people you knew. You could sit together. And people would actually cook food for you and serve it to you! And there were all types of these restaurants with all types of special foods to order. But all that changed. And the date was lodged in everybody’s minds – even those of us who weren’t born yet. April First. April Fools Day…



Yep… April Fools…!

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