Day 108 (of 189) thanks for #familyday

Day 108 (of 189) thanks for #familyday

It was so nice to chat with staff and students and hear some of the fun and a lot of the relaxes that happened over the Family Day weekend. Kicking it off with a pro-d day may have helped, but everyone seemed a tad more relaxed and ready for Tuesday. Not everyone – there is still a cold/flu that is hanging around….and I am grateful to the parents who gave “an extra day” even after four days off – viruses rarely pay attention to the calendar, except for teachers who typically get hit worst on weekends and breaks….just me??

But I was happy to see signs in the community letting everyone know that many businesses were closing, and others on reduced hours, for family day. I think that helped. It isn’t often that communities close for something everyone takes part in. And I am sure there are some that don’t see a value in a Monday off…but as I track my memories, too often day 113 in my blog has marked a “tough day” as the middle point between winter and spring break has tougher moments than most are prepared for…. but last year not as much. Maybe as we get used to our February break, it makes that dreaded day 113 not so dreaded?

We will find out next week!

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