Day 91 (of 189) to share or not to share – @keithbaldrey

Day 91 (of 189) to share or not to share – @keithbaldrey

A leaked memo from the @bctf leadership made some waves…..

Also led to some interesting questions about whether or not leaked information should be shared….particularly timely when thinking about the impeachment proceedings south of our border….

I’m not worried about the contents of the memo – when I retweeted it I received information that it was full of inaccuracies (but no info as to what the inaccuracies were) and comments hopeful that it might move negotiations forward.

I spent a short time working in a small town newspaper (fitting since Ma Murray lived down the street from me before she passed away – and I remember my dad first pointing out who the lady walking the block was). When you have information it is always a question of what to do with it (similar in the principals office – some info is actionable, some is interesting but unreliable and a lot is somewhere in between).

Keith, who has spoken to our @bcpvpa group sessions in the past, has always had a good link to “what’s going on” though (from my viewpoint) has always filtered that same range of “actionable vs interesting but unreliable” very well. Even today, when criticized for sharing the memo….

It’s not like “any and all” info is shared, but sometimes interesting news… news….

And is the memo “the” plan? Doubtful. Lots of thinking’s are thought during any negotiations – and change. Reconsiderations due to timelines, impacts and ideas from those involved mean everything is (or should be) a real time document – able to be edited and adjusted along the way. Keith even points out some of his thoughts about it:

If I had been the recipient of the memo, and I easily could have been sent a copy by someone who might very well ask what I thought of “this” – but I would not have shared it. That is because as a principal, I am not an independent person; I am an agent of our school board – and it would be irresponsible of me to pass a memo like this on (kinda like gossip – it has to stop somewhere). Keith is a reporter. His job is to determine if something is newsworthy – even gossip if it has a glimmer of truth (and Ma Murray would always take even a sliver of truth and run with it!)

Thank you Keith for sharing your thinking during this thread. Especially knowing that education is always a complex subject to report on!

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