Day 70 (of 189) #hackergal via @thehackergals

Day 70 (of 189) #hackergalvia @thehackergals

We were so excited to take part in our first event. The girls I had loved the prompt for today and despite a minor glitch we connected with the cross-Canada stream…. and then being the least reliable person in the building….we had to pause so I could deal with a different issue and we had no back up plan in order to complete the challenge “on time”…..


We loved having members from our local AND regional @cibc team come to the school and talk about the careers and leadership opportunities that were available. And model how valuable following passions even into male-dominated careers is – something my daughter knows as she studies system design engineering (and is completing one co-op term and is starting to apply for her May – August co-op, so DM me if you want a dynamic, over achieving engineer to intern in your place; she is just finishing being an “engineer in residence” at a Greater Toronto secondary school where she not only ran the engineering club (as she was hired to) but also stepped up and worked as a substitute teacher enough times that I get to tease that she’s a third generation teacher and has more TTOC experience than her cousin who just graduated with her education degree 😂

But I know that while she didn’t have #hackergal, there were other programs that inspired and emboldened her to move into this field. And I really enjoyed the hackergal lessons and how the girls took to coding – one in particular really connected which surprised all of us – which is exactly what this type of program and organization is needed for!

So even though this first attempt at the hackergal day event was not successful because of outside forces (perhaps the prequel of tomorrow’s full moon leading to Friday the 13th???) in terms of completing our challenge on time… we did have a range of successes that aren’t easily shown in a posted photo – but I can brag about via this blog. And I can’t wait to see what these young ladies do next!

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