Day 69 (of 189) are we really preparing learners for jobs that don’t exist yet – wonder posed by @shareski enhanced by @richajensen

Day 69 (of 189) are we really preparing learners for jobs that don’t exist yet – wonder posed by @shareski enhanced by @richajensen

Interesting question by @shareski

Based on this article

But on an unrelated tweet, a wonder if we are still preparing learners for jobs that no longer exist…..

Quite the quandary.

Because there are jobs that exist that were not on my radar when I was graduating

Many of which connect with social media – but could be argued that a newspaper editor may have the necessary skills to be a social media manager…. Uber driver just removes the cost of a taxi medallion… app developer is similar to the game developers, just on a broader scale – to which the game industry is gaining on the movie industry both for number of productions and box office returns….

And there were jobs that I had friends hoping to get that were “discontinued”.

But switchboard operators may have skills suitable to help with call centres… and it’s harder to find a job as librarian (despite the increase of information technology)… and the “jobs at the mill” many of my friends had in high school aren’t there for them as adults.

Even entry level jobs are being replaced as I customize my Big Mac or Starbucks drink on their app before I scoot through the drive thru…. but the skills those baristas and fast food kids get are still key when it comes to work as adults (loved seeing my daughter interact with regulars at the coffee shop in ways that she wouldn’t usually in other parts of society…)

But methinks that the “jobs that don’t exist yet” are more likely to continue to be either further specializations or branches from jobs that someone hasn’t fully publicized yet, but will still be based off of key skills and competencies that we have always worked on in school beyond “content knowledge”

Likely high demand jobs in next 5 years:

Skills employers of innovative companies are looking for when they hire:

Which is why I think I struggle with questions like “what do I want to do/be in 5 years” (beyond the fact that I surpass my dads age in the next bunch of months) – because I want to know what skills will benefit me as an educator knowing that schooling is continuing a metamorphosis of what it has been to what it needs (lest we become the blockbuster of public services)

I know my daughters system design engineer program was not a reality until recently, and while she needs the traditional engineering math skills, there is so much more needed that creeps out of the competencies (communication as well as critical & creative thinking amongst other skills that can’t be assessed via a multiple choice test). She needed skills but she is using them in ways not necessarily predicted by her secondary teachers (sure by some, but …. )

I think I want to continue with the mindset of preparing leaders for jobs that don’t exist yet because those key skills (flexibility in thinking and doing, adaptability of skills, transference of strategies etc) will still help them in theIt future endeavours. And maybe they’ll even create a new job category…!

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