Day 68 (of 189) think like a coder via @mclennan1977 and @mrAspinall #hourofcode @hadip

Day 68 (of 189) think like a coder via @mclennan1977 and @mraspinall #hourofcode @hadip

I love #hourofcode season, the brainchild of @hadip (Hadi Partovi) that helps not alone what coding can be through a variety of strategies that can be found at

I take it to another step where I set up a number of stations students can explore when I do a “classroom takeover” to help push the coding mindset. (This year following our first @thehackergals event) but that’s for a blog later this week. Today, I am hoping to share the picture book “Think Like A Coder” by @mclennan1977 and @mraspinall

And as a former librarian, I do love using picture books no matter what age the learner!

I like that Ms McLennan starts with a clear definition of coding (a special language) and that you don’t have to be a coder to understand what code is all about. Clarifying that our world is surrounded by elements of coding helps make it more familiar.

I love that she emphasizes that coding is as much a mindset and has useful strategies that help us even when there is not a screen in front of us.

I love the illustrations that likewise emphasize the skills we need each day which can then be used to further think and act like a coder (it’s more than knowing python or C++….

Even better is a series of “Try this” activities that I will be adding to my “coding stations”

Think Like A Coder is a great book to introduce the everyday variables that help us all think like a coder….and know that coding is much more than something done in basements or far away offices. I’m looking forward to using this as a read aloud to help my students get ready for our own coding explorations!

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