Day 66 (of 189) visual guides

Day 66 (of 189) visual guides

In a mixed up wild ride of a day…. some alignment came to light on engagement – with a couple students expressing issues with the lack of excitement in school – or as one clarified it even better – the lack of joy in doing complex works.

Finished project doesn’t bring joy.

Lego brings joy. IKEA is useful. Both have good examples of a break down of instructions.

Choice matters. Why do I have to do something like Egypt like everyone else.

When doing some planning, it can be helpful to have some exemplars. Fully agree and love the samples from performance standards.


Sometimes the journey is hard to imagine. How did those magical finished projects happen? Sure a rubric can be a good outline, but some times…some people need a little more.

And in a discussion about a student with a “planning challenge”, I finally had two visions that helped me come up with a visual – many Lego constructions are very challenging, but the instructions guide you along the way!

And of course, while they illicit curses and may have ended a few relationships…. some of the best non-language step by step instructions are from ikea – everything from tools needed to how each piece interacts with the next

Including sometimes pointing out common mistakes to watch out for.

How valuable could this methodology be for some of our key learners (and at the same time benefit all….)

As a PBLer, I often let the design thinking process rule…

But maybe (in the spirit of the grinch) maybe PBL, perhaps….needs a little bit more!

And I’ll puzzle and puzzle till my puzzler is sore….and mean old mr landy will think of something he hadn’t before….Maybe PBL, perhaps … could use a little be it more – than examples and rubrics and samples in the room hanging on strings!

I like visual schedules, now I’ll do more looking at visual instructions too!

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