Day 51 (of 189) when you get the text that reminds you why we have certain drills….

Day 51 (of 189) when you get the text that reminds you why we have certain drills…

Got the text a parent hates to get:

Before you hear (uh oh – nothing good can follow a startup like this…can it?)

Shooting. (I still remember being in a high school when the shooting in Taber Alberta happened let alone the news stories too often on CNN… so I’m not happy….)

No immediate danger to the school (no immediate….but possible???)

But we are on hold and secure (and here is when I thank her for letting us know she is safe and lighten it by commenting that this is why we do the annual school drills for fires, earthquakes and lockdowns….

And fortunately a quick social media search confirmed there was not a shooting AT the school but in the area:

and again a reminder that school sometimes use exercises like this in order to ensure safety based on area issues, not just em things that happen in the school – so the students who wanted to go move their cars and avoid a parking ticket would have to wait and possibly get a ticket (though I suspect police in the area would be otherwise occupied and lenient knowing what was going on…)

And especially when there is another shooting being reported on drudgereport…

And when you know the people with the gun are in the area and on foot…

Social media is both a reliever and a stressor – we need to be mindful of that! But we also can’t hide from everything that might happen…but being well planned for those events definitely makes it easier – especially when three time zones apart….

Just a reminder that “those things” can hit close to home – even when far away!

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