Day 50 (of 189) on Mr Rogers #CardiganDay #worldkindnessday

Day 50 (of 189) on Mr Rogers #CardiganDay #worldkindnessday

It’s a beautiful day in this neighbourhood…. there aren’t many who are unfamiliar with this refrain (though there is a Mandela effect claim that it should be ‘in “the” neighbourhood’ but, whatever…) but beautiful doesn’t always just refer to the weather – it is much more complex than that!



Mr Rogers is a fascinating character study – his calm demeanour and presentation style were carefully crafted and designed. A very mindful individual. Why TV? Well, “I went into television because I hated it so, and I thought there’s some way of using this fabulous instrument to nurture those who would watch and listen”.



Some key takeaways as I think back on what I know about Mr Rogers:


Mr Rogers did not have a desk in his office. He felt that a desk would create too much of a barrier between him and others. Instead, Rogers opted for a sofa and armchairs. Something I am mindful of when I design my office area….a little bit different from the office my dad had as principal. 



His weight was always 143 pounds because 143 stands for I Love You (the number of letters in each word) Pennsylvania even celebrated 143 Day and I think I know the topic for my blog on day 143 (of 189)



And what an advertisement for the value Wait Time: Mr Rogers wasn’t afraid of dead air: He once invited a marine biologist onto the show and put a microphone into his fish tank, because he wanted the kids at home to see (and hear) that fish make sounds when they eat. While taping the segment, however, the fish weren’t hungry so the marine biologist started trying to egg the fish on. But Rogers just sat there, waiting quietly. The crew figured they’d need to re-tape it, but Rogers didn’t want to. He thought it was a great lesson in teaching kids the importance of being patient.



Mr Rogers was regularly parodied, and he loved it. The first time Eddie Murphy met Mr. Rogers, he couldn’t stop himself from giving the guy a big hug. And I LOVED Mr Robertsons Neighbourhood episodes on SNL!



A Yale psychology study compared children who watched Mr. Rogers to children who watched Sesame Street. Kids who watched Mr. Rogers not only remembered more of the story lines but also showed a higher “tolerance of delay:” an ability to wait for promised treats or adult attention.



His final TV words:  I’m just so proud of all of you who have grown up with us. I know how tough it is some days to look with hope and confidence on the months and years ahead. But I would like to tell you what I often told you when you were much younger: I like you just the way you are. And what’s more, I’m so grateful to you for helping the children in your life to know that you’ll do everything you can to keep them safe, and to help them express their feelings in ways that will bring healing in many different neighborhoods. It’s such a good feeling to know we’re life-long friends.”


My T3D video on three other things about Mr Rogers:


Theres still a lot of great takeaways from Mr Rogers.


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