Day 36 (of 189) love author visits – thanks @deborah_hodge

Day 36 (of 189) love author visits – thanks @deborah_hodge



It’s not always easy to get authors into rural communities.  Whether it is a scary drive or a two-ferry wait there are many non-financial obstacles to getting the people who write books to meet their audience face-to-face.  I have done a number of Skype chats, but there is something special about having the actual author visit. My best experience of this was while I worked in Chapters during university and was able to meet many authors on their book signing tours. Always a thrill. My favourite memory though was meeting poet Earl Birney – though it cost me as in University a TA was leading a discussion about one of his poems and I shared what the poem meant. She disagreed and challenged why I could ever think something like that – she did not like it when I said it was what the author said….sigh


Anyways, today we had Deborah Hodge visit our school!



It is a nice benefit of the work our local library has done – an amazing facility with fabulous people – and this year it was “our turn” to have an author visit (though another school was more than willing to pay for a second show….we had dibs and kept her to ourself!) I like that the library helps coordinate activities like this – they do a lot of workshops and special events in and around the community. I love that our classes regularly go to the library; I even encourage them to go even more often – as I used to do weekly trips when I was in Lumby and the library was “across the field” from the school – and yes, as the teacher librarian, my class got me and the local librarian. It was awesome – it was also when I first met Ms Hodge. She was nice enough to say that my name rang a bell and she agreed with my memory that I had her at my library x years ago (never do the math!) and how neat it was that our paths should cross again!

Deborah Hodge is a “must have” in libraries – her writing is fabulous and it is always paired with some fabulous artists! Best of all, when she comes to the school she shows the process that she goes through in order to take her idea from thought to publication. It ain’t easy. It ain’t fast.  But it is worth it!



As I checked in with her audience – it was as I remembered – an audience that had been quite captivated and loved every minute of her presentation! It is nice for learners to see the people in their neighbourhood – which is why I love it when the fire department comes to visit (not for fire alarms, but by invitation) along with any time the police, health agencies etc etc can make themselves known to the youngest members of our community. Likewise with the names that are familiar with faces also unknown: Seuss, Rowling, Blume, Hodge. To make a connection with those names that have such an influence on readers….well,…it’s priceless!



Thank you for coming Ms Hodge – you are always welcome at schools I am at!!

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