Day: 31 (of 189) the comic that launched #geniushour

Day 31 (of 189) the comic that launched #geniushour

I love Bill Waterson. He and a Gary Larson were huge influences as I grew up. After all, Bill pointed out the key to creativity:

(My mom laminated this one for me – but my brain synthesizes a lot and often does need a self-imposed deadline kickstart)

And Gary Larson has comics that were on many staff room walls:

I appreciated how each author had a unique perspective of the world. Watterson took some heat for depicting Calvin blowing up a school….so I guess it was just me who sometimes wished the school would be destroyed/blown up/burned etc – and I was “a good student”…..

But today’s reshare via @calvinandhobbes and was one that fundamentally shifted some of my practice to a part of the day/week that went through a couple of name changes:

Chaos time (I started by saying I was “embracing chaos”)

Passion projects

Google time

Geniushour (this is when I shifted my mindset to “trusting the process”)

And built upon the ideation of letting students have more choice in what they learn (finding their own why for part of the day/week)

I have been thrilled by some projects – including one student even following calvins lead and diving deep into exploring more about dinosaurs.

But I had a boy create a “how to guitar” book because he was disgusted by people who wouldn’t hold the guitar right….

And a girl who had an idea for a craft fair sale project:

This is when I love geniushour most. But I also know that

a) sometimes kids don’t know what they want to explore because they’ve never had the chance to have a choice

b) sometimes what you think is going to be cool because a friend loves to do it – is not going to be a passion for you.

Thus I am okay with learners abandoning learning because this is meant to be a passion and not have a true “deadline” (some parents did not like that I hoped this would be something their children would still be working on in grade 11 – we were in grade 7 at the time).

This was my first foray into PBL (project based learning) and this expanded significantly into more subject areas! It led me more into the value of formative descriptive feedback over scores and personalized learning journeys over years rather than artificial units of time. Why do we have to show that we know fractions by November when they are really more complex to fully understand at this age (grade 4ish)

Im sure I would’ve gotten to PBL and geniushour, but Calvin & Hobbes certainly clarified they why for me!

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