Day 25 (of 189) just another manic Monday

Day 25 (of 189) just another manic Monday

Mondays. The dreadful day that anybody who has read Garfield knows all too well…

As I shared to one learner today, for kids like my son the only day harder than a Monday is the first day after a three day weekend….like the one coming up in BC for Thanksgiving….the struggle is real…

Or as I reminded a parent who has introduced a new medicine to her child: about another 3-4 more weeks – it takes about six weeks for the meds to settle in. I know – they can be loooong weeks some days. :

And this is coming after a Friday where there were far too many social media posts indicating that Friday was the end of a week that felt like a month.

But sometimes a weekend just isn’t enough. As one anonymous poster pointed out:

It’s a good reminder that there are a wide variety of triggers: unpleasant weekend conversations; anniversaries of bad events (sometimes subconscious and not even able to be fully aware of); looming news stories about climate change…teaching contracts….federal elections….let alone the family stories…

But never underestimate the power of a few choice words.

(Even if it sounds like something @educelebrity would say….😜)

Positive thinking…mindsets…and words do matter!

No matter what the google machine may give you for Monday memes…

Make Monday a mindset. Build others up, sometimes let them roll as they need to. Smile. Take a walk. Binge a show…or series 😇 take some time to make sure you are doing good. And if you are having a good run of days… enjoy! What some people call “quite a day” others call…. Monday!

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