Day 9 (of 189) Terry Fox and Teacher Wellness (a prethink to Sunday’s 7pm pst #bcedchat )

Day 9 (of 189) Terry Fox and Teacher Wellness (a prethink to Sunday’s 7pm pst #bcedchat )

Friday the 13th and a Terry Fox Run. And a full moon. And the end of the first full week of school. A lot to be tired about…and worried about – even though the statistics show the full moon has no impact on behaviours and Paraskevidekatriaphobia is just a superstition. It is a good time to make sure the adults on the building are looking after ourselves as well as everybody else.

My connection to the annual Terry Fox Run that has been happening for 37 years is that we help others by helping ourselves. Staying healthy is important. So is supporting others whose health needs more support. Terry proved how one person can start a movement – one that has officially spanned generations. Little did he know how his work would inspire so many for so many years after his run!

The mindshift from me to we; when we help each other, we help each other as well.

Healthy competition- we wanted to have our school run before the community event and thereby before pretty much every other school.

Sometimes more is less – sometimes having those “extras” help us – I know the long hours of coaching has always made me feel better; as a mentor said (regarding chronic pain) rest is rust – sometimes we need to be involved in more in order to feel better (even though – maybe especially because – it is counter intuitive)

The Terry Fox Run leads me nicely into the #walkingcurriculum 30 day walk challenge which I will be doing by walking to school for the next month-worth of days (though I am worried about the liquid sunshine of the Sunshine Coast… maybe I’ll have a free pass for days with extra meeting complications….or i’ll just level up on my Apple Watchs monthly challenge and reach my goal 5 days early – that works too.

Teachers need to watch our own mental and physical wellness s we are always in the bar mindset to work with our students and each other. I probably should’ve stayed home one day this week, but this is an area that I am a better supporter than modeller. I’ve been fortunate that most of my sick days in my career have been for specialist appointments and I know that sometimes it is easier to have an off-day than to prep for another adult (and prep who they will be working with!).

Wellness is tricky. It’s why we need to do things like e Terry Fox Run for our own ongoing health. We can also learn from Terry who showed one person can indeed make a difference. And when we work together, in sickness and in health, we can achieve more than the sum of our individual parts. Yet each part needs to take care of itself. So indulge in that extra nap, but also go for a walk…even if it’s raining – just avoid bears like the one that came towards my son and I on Thursday night as we went to stretch our legs. Yes, it was scary. Yes we both wanted to run. No I did not get a picture…

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