Day 5 (of 189) what to do…what to do…what “extras” to choose from? Look to @pernilleripp @globalreadaloud @hadip @codeorg @scotteach @tbed63 @gsplayday @bedleybros @perfinker

Day 5 (of 189) what to do…what to do…what “extras” to choose from? Look to @pernilleripp @globalreadaloud @hadip @codeorg @scotteach @tbed63 @gsplayday @bedleybros @perfinker

There are always interesting offers made each year; from performances to motivational speakers, there is no end to the “extras” available to schools. From autism groups such as the @canucks Fins Friends to coding ideations such as

There are many rabbit holes to follow when planning some “add-ones” to the year. Here are the ones I continue to love year after year (in order of appearance).

October: originated by the amazing @pernilleripp – as much as I don’t always like “whole class novel studies”, I still like communal read alongs. Pernille is one of the ‘most connected to new literature’ educators that I have come across. Her recommendations have always been well received, and I still enjoy sometimes tying it in with “read Dahl loud” (sounds like read aloud but with a Ronald Dahl book – the hungry alligator fits nicely in under an hour and allows for some great voices!)

October: shakeoutbc is a great starting point for talking about why we do the drills we do in schools – too many fire drills, at least “a” lockdown/hold and secure drill (I have rang the three bells to lock doors but so far only because of wildlife) and what the day is named for: earthquake preparation. And even when I did not live in an active fault line area, I always explained that we need practice in this because we do travel and many of our travels take us to a place where earthquakes do happen (and according to many geologists, we may be overdue for a notable one!)

December: Hour of Code via started by thinker Hadi Partovi, a little project to get people thinking about the benefits of coding, it has become a more global presence and really helped people see the subject as something that can be embedded in practice, though I still continue to do a December “hour of code” event – though I also promote that not all coding needs electronics – I love seeing the coding mindset emerge and seeing students connect the skills needed for coding into all subject areas! My “coding stations” from my time as principal-librarian continue to be used and evolve, but my go-to remains checkins with

February: on February 5 (the first wednesday of February) a challenge is issued: let kids play. Free play. It may seem that kids have all the time in the world to play, but as I have seen as an educator and parent, too often “play” is too often too well organized. I laughed when my kids talked about “play dates” until I realized how much play was organized (and supervised) by adults. Want to discuss why we see more anxiety? I start with this discussion before blaming tech (many many things before tech). The Bedley Brothers @scotteach and @tbed63 have done amazing work taking an idea started on twitter (I think I involved myself in year one, but it may be wishful thinking) and have seen it flourish to over half a million participants…or as Tim would say: “a good start”.

Those are my “big 3” that I encourage my staff and #PLN to consider – there are others I like, such as Music Monday (this year on May 4 so hello Star Wars everywhere… may the fourth be with you…) Autism sunglasses day, Orange Shirt Day (a big one for me as it acknowledges the truth and reconciliation report on the injustices done to Canadian indigenous peoples – that still have ripples in the Canadian school system today), Pink Shirt Day to talk about Bullying, – even Bell Let’s Talk Day is great to help more normalize mental wellness and it’s place in our society. But most of these don’t need a sign up, just active participation to show that you are thinking about it (which is why I wear pieces of orange week long for orange shirt thinking – in part because schools I’ve been part of have embraced orange and Phyllis’s story before it was an official thing), and pink ties not just on pink shirt day…)

Another recent fun one has been the addition of the walking curriculum by a Gillian Judson @perfinker (my favourite is still the “slow walk” challenge – and a 30 Day Walking Challenge starts on September 16!

And we have local events such as literacy week, a grade 7 coding day, and our local music fest – much like so many communities do. Find them and take part and expand your learning community where it can!

Definitely not the “only” add-one to connect with, but these are some of the ones I was an early adopter of… or really, one of the first followers to some fabulous “lone nuts”:

Thank you for your leadership Pernille, Hadi, Scott & Tim!

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