Summer of Learning 2019 #12 my #oneword , blog and secret goals for this school year!

Summer of Learning 2019 #12 my #oneword, blog and secret goals for this school year!

I sometimes struggle with concepts like “one word” but in reading Brené Browns Daring Greatly, I did to the activity to narrow down to a two-word value focus. One that I was not surprised with was “creativity”. I hold that word (along with imagination) as important in education – though I have been told not as valuable to many educational leaders… but the second one that popped up to me is my #oneword this year: dignity.

I believe strongly in treating people with dignity and respect and ensuring all students can graduate with dignity – again something not all view (as I know as I am reconnecting my son with schooling and this mindset after a previous school declared he was a square peg trying to fit into a round hole and asked/told him to go to an alternate environment; weird since that principal has said she thinks about him and hopes he’s doing well…and I know I need to do a better job of letting go of some irksomes of the last and do a better job focusing forward. Treat others better than how they have made me feel.

It is some tough reflections that come through things like my “days of learning blog” that I will be continuing this year. Inspired because I am still coming across some thinkings and doings of my principal father who passed too many years ago – and my main goal remains: I want my children (if they’re interested) to be able to find my “journals” easier! Though I still encourage others to NOT do what I do – I still remember that “daily journal” killed the interest in writing for me for a bit…though mainly because of some editing we needed to do…but because this is meaningful to me and has some relevance (reflecting on something about the days events or ongoing learning) makes it work for me. But I will freely admit that there are times it would be easier to do “one a week” or sporadically. But the less-edited format works for me – and allows me some ability to explore some different structures (including some recent YouTube videos) and I know it works for me because I’m going into my 7th year (and for those teasing my “Cal Ripken”-like streak – he played in 2632 consecutive games and in our “180-ish” day season (not including my “summer of learnings” or other weird ones) I am only at around 1113 so I’ve still got a ways to go to legitimately get into that conversation!

I am currently close to revealing last years “secret projects” with another edit (probably at least one more to go) on my book on mental wellness in schools (built off “my rant” blog)

Which I am going to release for no charge because I fee that there is always a need for ideas on mental wellness strategies and I do not want a “price” to be a barrier…

…that being said, I had a similar sentiment for my book on eportfolios and descriptive feedback but was told/warned by others who know publishing and distribution better than I that I need to rethink my strategy and ensure that there is still a traditional “book” that can be accessed and a cost should be attributed to it in order for it to have “value”. My teaser:

And of course there still needs to be a secret project on the go! I am doing some collaboration and hope to be ready to reveal some significant “pushes” in the realm of Project Bases Learning and learning (and finishing a year/graduating) with my “one word”: dignity

As we enter the final “long weekend” before our school opens, there are lots of wonders and questions I have that I am looking forward to seeing how they unfurl:

Shifting the “p” in ptsd from post- to personalized- because I don’t think trauma is “post” as fast as many of us wish it were…

Focusing on blending outdoor learning and infusing technologization in my community. We are building a mountain bike trek and are a “Legacy School” after some of our work on restitution and reconciliation.

Gonna be an exciting year!!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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  1. Cindy Andrew says:

    Enjoy/ and way to make a difference! 🙏🏻

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