Day 180 (of 187) regarding Father’s Day

Day 180 (of 187) regarding Father’s Day

Between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day I did “bad parent jokes” – titled to help indicate that there are many non-moms and non-dads who take on the role of those parental figures.

And it ain’t easy. For anyone.

So often portrayed as “an extra kid” or a good…or scary… we have one boy who never wants us to call his dad because he is so worried about disappointing him – and his dad is great – single parent who does great work parenting. But really, so many layers. And so many pressures. Media often is unflattering towards who dads are (check out sitcoms on tv) and since kids (and people) do what we see, perhaps things would get better with more positive images of dads in media…. Father’s and people doing the jobs of dads are important. I lost my dad 29 years ago and it still affects me. It is why I have great respect for everyone doing this complex job….

Yet because of the time of year, being so close to the end of the school year (and in many jurisdictions after students have started summer vacation) often Father’s Day is an after thought with frequent jokes being the theme for gifts (and ties, but I like ties, so I’m okay with them!) but it’s not about the gift (or gif as my daughter sent me from university….). It’s about the relationship. Some have great relationships with dads, others have troubled or strained relationships. And in part it’s a conflicting role: is the father the bread-earner? The defender of the family? The boss? All of the above? Some of them? A changing role? Absolutely – even seeing more commercials promoting paternity leave as being important – but also know some who would never take that time…because what would others think about it? A time to bond? Time to help? Time to play Xbox?

It’s a changing world. And I hope I can be one of the dads to embrace the changing landscape and be a good role model for my kids – both at home and at school


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