Day 174 (of 187) What is Mr Landy reading mathing? Inspired by @mathgarden and @cbrownLmath

Day 174 (of 187) What is Mr Landy reading mathing? Inspired by @mathgarden and @cbrownLmath

I have a section of a bulletin board with “What is Mr Landy reading?” with a list of books I have read during the year (not all – some titles may be more controversial for Elementary School such as American Gods &Howard Sterns new book)

but in reading books such as Pi of life by Sunil Singh and Math Recess by Mr Singh and Dr Chris Brown (and heavily influenced by Paul Lockharts Mathematicians Lament…) I am aware that as much as “we” (educators specifically and adults in general) need to model that reading and writing are lifelong skills and sources of pleasure, we should also be modeling the fun that can be thinking and doing math.

So after some thinking and reading (and watching some math videos and ted talks) I’m gonna do what I do for reading and open a window to my own math thinking and doing. I think that it is good to be able to show that we can do math for fun and recreation. I love the mindset of Recreational Mathematics:

I used to think maybe it was just me thinking differently about how to teach and deal with the Maths. Then I discovered @joboaler and her Mathematical Mindsets that linked up so nicely with my work on mental wellness. Then after some gentle prodding from my PLN I discovered Paul Lockharts Mathematicians Lament and then the twitter experience that is @mathgarden and then his writing partner Dr Chris Brown. And my mind was blown. Not only was I not alone in reconsidering the approach to math (which I have long said we need to better differentiate as we do with reading and writing) but I am also only in the first few steps of my journey.

So after some debate/discussion/suggestioning …

I am going to share “What is Mr Landy Mathing?”

At least to start 😜 more thinking and sharing still to come!

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