Day 166 (of 187) Mr Landy Classroom Takeover – the @mathgarden inspired edition!

Day 166 (of 187) Mr Landy Classroom Takeover – the @mathgarden inspired edition!



To free up teachers for interesting work, I like to offer to do things like “Classroom Takeovers” – I don’t want it to be babysitting (though I have done that as well) nor do I want teachers to have “extra work” preparing something for me….instead I’ll do mini lessons. A “warped” view of a traditional subject or topic. And today I got to return to one of my favourites, Recreational Mathematics!




And after being inspired by Sunil Singh (@mathgarden) Pi of Life, I figured we would have some fun and then dip our minds into fractals. Sadly (?) we never really got to the meat of the lesson because of the fun we were having. Yes. Fun. With the maths.


Here is the PDF of my slideshow during the activity: Recreational Mathematics


Admittedly with some wordles – word puzzles that make us think non linearly; which I think works better for deep math thinking – not plunking in an algorithm, but thinking about why + how (considering when and what as well).




Then we looked at a magic eye because I wanted to emphasize that we need to slow down. Look at, to, through, around (?) what is in front of you and knowing there may be more than what we first see….!




Then we got lost. I introduced the “24 problem” and offered doughnuts if we solved all 24 – and while 21/24 is good….it’s not the goal….




We took a brain break by playing Deal or No Deal to explore “odds” and “luck” and when it may be good to “cash out”. Lots of fun (as it always is as a group activity!)




Then back to 24…




And while they worked away, I introduced fractals but while I had another activity planned, they were much more engaged in trying to find the answers….and having fun. Yep. Fun. With the maths…

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