Day 164(of 187) bike to school week (aka how I rediscovered some muscles)

Day 164 (of 187) bike to school week (aka how I rediscovered some muscles)

I’ve evaded “bike to school week” times for awhile. Either because of significant pains or significant distances…. this year I have neither pain nor distance to hide behind….or at least I did until I rode up a couple hills and was reacquainted with some muscles I haven’t used in awhile….

Which is a good reminder to remember to stretch before doing something new (and try to not let those muscles stay unused for too long) and just because you would’ve laughed at those “hills” once upon a time, sometimes age makes the hills a little higher and longer than they once appeared (or appear when looking at them in the cozy confines of a vehicle)…..

But today is the start of “Bike to school and work week” and I want to model my support for this as much as I can – knowing that in my role as principal I won’t be able to do it every day (we have district track and field on Friday and I will need to be back and forth a couple times through the day…)

But I love how others in our learning community are stepping up for events this week. One of our local bike shops, TAWS, is coming Tuesday to help do some minor bike repairs… and my Eco Warrior teacher librarian is having her eco team provide morning muffins and water to bikers – and a draw for some minor prizes by cyclists, and one of our Rippers (our after school mountain bike club) will also be coming to do some work with some grade 3s to inspire them to be regular riders next year!

Bike riding has many health benefits. I used to love the challenge of doing “the bridges” in my hometown in under 20 minutes (some monster hills!) but that was when I was playing football, not just having the body pains of two-a-day practices without the benefits…! Now since I haven’t had any acute pain since my move to my current district, I feel confident adding this activity back to my routine!

Sometimes you need a kickstart to get something new going. I’m hoping that this community-wide event will get me started on something that will be a long lasting routine for me and my kids (at school & at home)

Sure I found some muscles sore this morning that didn’t hurt last night. And yes, I was a bit more tired when I got to school than I normally am, but whenever something new starts, there are always some “implementation obstacles” and my mindset knowing this means I won’t get distracted by these.

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