Day 163 (of 187) my prethink on a GoT inspired #bcedchat Sunday May 26 7pm pst @grrmspeaking

Day 163 (of 187) my prethink on a GoT inspired #bcedchat Sunday May 26 7pm pst

The Game of Thrones series reminds me a bit of school. Some shocking turns of events, a vast cast of characters whose names you know then forget then remember again, there is way more in print than can ever be done on screen/teaching and as we found out on the tv series, the nice pacing at the start always seems to turn into a blur when the final six (episodes, weeks, days) are the final amount of time available.

There’s the planning that never seems to end, much like the awaited pages for GRR Martin – and the showrunners had to “hit the key points” laid out by the author but wrap things up faster than first anticipated….just me who has had year/unit/day plans get edited by that danged bell?

Then there is the iron throne (aka diploma) that many compete for… or are the stakes too high? In BC we have the Governor Generals award for top academic student, so as per Highlander and Westeros rules, there can be only one!

In the series, there is no one main character…much like there are no favourite students…..right?

Different realms and kingdoms have different vibes – just like the different classrooms within a school and again with the different schools within a district. And then there are independent school districts and individual schools which have various other connections…but I’ll leave that to the imagination….

And there are always surprises in the school year. The red wedding…the hatching of dragons…characters making bad choices and redeeming themselves (I’ll avoid the schemes for now….)

And then there’s “the motto” Winter is Coming. And sure there are others, it we are predisposed to like House Stark – and their motto holds true – change is coming…and it is inevitable. You can either be prepared for it…. or not… and then deal with the white walkers when they storm across whatever wall you built (literal or metaphorical).

And much like any school year, the ending of the show left some happy, others not so much… wondering what else could’ve been done or might’ve been. And then there is the anticipation…because while the TV series is over, there are still two books long overdue….oh, maybe there is one more lesson about due dates….but I’ll be subtle about my thoughts on this….while I really really want The Winds of Winter to be in my community bookstore…GRR is not losing reviews or $ for missing an “all important deadline”. Sure there are showtimes and kickoffs and other authentic times when things have to be ready, but there are more that are….negotiable….

I’m sure there are more things we can learn and connect from Game of Thrones – and I’m looking forward to seeing some insights of others….

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