Day 162 (of 187) classroom takeover: superheroes

Day 162 (of 187) classroom takeover: superheroes



I like excuses to put myself into the classroom. Especially if it gives time for someone to do a neat project – today I was able to steal two classrooms so that two teachers could do some collaboration on an upcoming district track and field event. I’ve coordinated these. There is never enough time. So when I saw an open space in my schedule, I felt there could be an opportunity to do a mini design thinking activity.


Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 12.56.18 PM


a Mr Landy Classroom Takeover…



Today I decided to theme it around superheroes – both some of the history, and magnificence (with a slight emphasis on the work of Stan Lee – ’nuff said!) of the art.

(the EMPATHIZE stage of Design Thinking)


We looked at what a hero was (both regular as well as super) and at some of the villains – since some of the villains are more fascinating than their main hero adversaries.


(the DEFINE stage of Design Thinking)


We looked at both some videos as well as some origin stories, to start to generate thinkings for our own superhero. This included some “out loud” discussions (no hands needed) while looking at superhero logos and considering what powers and names and look our own superheroes may have


(the IDEATE stage of Design Thinking)


We then started to plan out our own heroes based on some templates – a female, male and youth hero template being available (or all three for those who are ambitious and loved The Incredibles!)


And then some encouraged walk-around time (I forgot to mention that this is the best time to steal ideas from other students – I need to remember this part of Sugata Mitra’s work around the Classroom in the Cloud and the Hole in the Wall; research means stealing others ideas. So this can be a friendly way to learn some early research strategies – as well as working on communication and collaboration strategies.

We didn’t get to the Test phase of design thinking. But some were finishing off their super hero first design (a couple did more than one) but we did not get into details nor extensions. Next time….!




If you want to steal my layout, feel free:


 (Please note that I do embed the YouTube clips so I don’t have to worry about possible wifi buffering or ads)


But it was a fun way to work with a new class on some Design Thinking strategies in a small contained amount of time! And it was a lot of fun to wind things up during a work time while also having a “guess the super hero theme” youtube video going!




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