Day 1-2-3 (of 187) – banning cell phones (in ontario) – easy as a-b-c, right? thank you @bctoday


Day 123 (of 187) – banning cell phones (in ontario) – easy as a-b-c, right? (get it – its day 1-2-3!?!)



My morning started off with an eyeroll – another article seemingly want to blame devices for behaviours:

because if we ban things, maybe the “bad things” won’t happen….like when we banned pencils and paper because of all the note passing…

or the speaking because of the gossip and mean words being said…

and if we focus on banning the technology at school maybe it will mean it won’t use it in the real world (hahahhahahahahahahahahahaha)





Interestingly, more ‘bans and limitations’ tends to lead to more tech/screen time without guidance…just sayin’ – and the tech/screen time does have some powerful possibilities within in – we shouldn’t just get distracted by…..the distractions….



My “rules” tend to focus on a couple of guidelines:

  • classroom teacher comfort rules trump all (some of us are a lot more comfortable with technology than others – I’m not comfortable with textbooks….others are)
  • Tool or Toy – Tools enhance Learning, Toys distract; but I also admit hypocrisy since a grade 4 girl was using a device “as a toy” and when I asked her ‘tool or toy’, she admitted that it was a toy, because she just had a fight with a friend during a group project and she just needed a distraction and she’d likely be set and back on task in about five minutes – and when I returned to check on her, she was back on task: that is self-regulation in action!
  • Consuming or Creating used to be a big mindset connection I have had with screens and tech: are we just taking data in? are we synthesizing? are we composing and creating?  and my new “C” are we Connecting? (and as Johann Hari asks in his book Lost Connections….are we/they running away from something or towards something when they/we go online?




I like focusing on gradual, guided release of responsibility – especially with digital citizenship and netiquette – should we be playing fortnite instead of socials? probably not  (but if studying certain strategies, I could find a “fit”) – but if we help students (and ourselves) work out “appropriate use” of technology – such as: should we text at dinnertime? do we even still eat dinner together?? does it “depend” (it usually does…at home and at school).  Is social media a possible distractor? Absolutely – as it is in the real world. It is also a powerful tool for a key competency: communication. Twitter allows me a wide range of asynchronous communications; WordPress gives me a chance to review the day and something to think about; facebook lets me keep tabs on people who would have otherwise disappeared from my world. There are advantages – but I don’t check my phone at my moms dinner table….at least not obviously…..



Which of course, led to a phone call from CBC (always a scary moment) who were interested to hear what I might be thinking after my cheeky tweet:





And invited me to take part in an Open Phone Calls session with @bctoday (not that anything could go wrong with that….) But it was interesting to hear from a friend that they were shocked to hear me on the radio – and both of us were shocked when I got labeled an “expert” …..! So I filled in some thoughts as best I could – and admit that I am more comfortable than others when it comes to the use of mobile devices… but it is the world are learners have entered, and I stand by my statement that my phone remains the single best differentiation tool I have ever seen/used for education.  Definitely the tool that will help create meaningful personalized learning journeys…


And found via @JCasaTodd

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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