Day 115 (of 187) everything old is new again – the hype that was/is the Momo challenge – thanks to @mediatedreality

Day 115 (of 187) everything old is new again – the hype that was/is the Momo challenge – thanks to @mediatedreality

Started the day with an email saying the Momo challenge was back. For those who don’t remember, it was a “challenge” going around using the Momo picture of a ubume sculpture from a special effects studio.

So when it comes to social media, I turn to the amazing Jesse Miller who knows what’s what. He confirmed what I also read in @theatlantic:

Jesse had another article:

Because the challenge was/is scary, it is easy to be over-hyped. Which is why Jesses tweet:

It’s hype – driven by media headlines, I think this will actually cause trauma for kids who are dealing with aspects of sef-harm. The mainstream media in our province aren’t doing anything but fueling parent fears with headlines

Came true… and I shared:

A student just shared that he has had a popup on @FortniteGame with the momo challenge image and a text to do “bad stuff” (ie to cut my hair) and he is reminded of the earlier “challenge”. Very stressful for him and he shared because he doesn’t want others to be stressed or hurt

because those who remember the last time – or challenges like the tidepod challenge and are worried that people might hurt themselves or others. It is a great opportunity to talk to kids about internet safety (along with the fact that no matter what the pop up says, you aren’t the millionth visitor)

Because if the challenge pops up on games, it can raise anxiety about what might be in the next pop up.

So do “we” as schools perpetrate the hype and raise worries about the Momo Challenge that isn’t?

Do we ignore it and address individual concerns as they arise?

Do we comment on it (the overhype) and encourage parents to talk about it at home? <– this is what I would prefer

(I added “Do we hold an emergency assembly and ban all online access” but realize some will think this is a good idea)

Tough when we hear about challenges and see if they are worth retweeting, doing or deleting. And of course headlines become very attractive to people who like to see some chaos. Fortunately there aren’t many, but as we know from the vaccination controversies it doesn’t take much for people to expand false stories – intentional or not!

We take the good, we take the bad, we take them both and then we have social media! And as ever, no matter what we hear or read – whether online (that seemed to be more “up to date” and calming on this topic) or via traditional media (which seemed to focus more on the headline than the details) we need to use Critical a Thinking – which is why it is an emphasized core competency in B.C. Education

But have conversations with your kids! Talk about Social media experiences! And watch for:

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