Day 112 (of 187) the movement of music

Day 112 (of 187) the movement of music



Should kids be able to listen to music of their own choice while at school? Walking/working/as a group/regulating? Is there a “best kind” of music to listen to? Once upon a time I read that baroque and disco had a bpm (beats per minute) that enhanced the learning experience (I’m still looking for it to try to re-find it) but is that universal? I know (and maybe will plead guilty) many listen to “fringe music” such as heavy metal….

And know that every generation thinks the music they grew up with was/is the best (even if sometimes as a protest).

Joan Baez reflects on music as she is on a “final” tour (I don’t believe musicians ever truly retire)



And during a tweet discussion about music and self-regulation, there was a “point” made by a friend about having playlists with lyrics you can understand from the 70s and 80s….but I had to disagree as there are always misheard lyrics..

Ooh and that reminds me: click here!



I still add Rick Astley songs into my playlists. Great voice and very upbeat….if getting Rick-rolled is wrong, I don’t want to be right! and I will regularly listen to what my kids are listening to: hits one on siriusxm is good to stay current. Playlists on Apple Music are good to listen to as well….I know all to well that often songs that start off “ehhh…not sure” can become ear worms – I know I really like Sunflower from the spiderverse soundtrack @ and as I do “month in review” videos with music, I make sure I keep adding current songs into the mix! Because I think it matters to know and appreciate some of the music that is influencing our youths.



Oh yeah and while thinking and writing this blog, my own remembering of a mislistening to a lyric burned me:

Sigh. Does a mislisten count like a misinterpretation? I recall sharing an interpretation of an Earl Birney poem and my English 101 TA telling me I was wrong….even though Mr Birney told me that what I repeated was his inspiration for the poem 🙄 and I even stumbled upon a Ray Bradbury incident about what Fahrenheit 451 was about (that tv is going to replace books as the “main form of entertainment” and that’s not good…and don’t even get him started on his thoughts about the internet…!

So getting back on track, music is meaningful to those listening to it and interpretations vary. Even the “calming classics” were once the music of revolution and politics! Elvis has his own channel on SiriusXM but when he first started…. well, I got to hear some stories from my parents that made me really connect with Buddy Holly and the song American Pie. I might even need to rewatch the movie La Bamba because while not directly about Buddy Holly, it does show a lot about the era – where the single was “the thing” – kinda like today – seems we’ve gone in a circle and soon we will get a long playing mp3 with multiple songs telling a story/concept like an album used to….




Music is very personal. I have a hard time when people dictate “what should be listened to” – even in schools with “morning music minutes” a replacement music teacher and I highjacked the repetitive program and that introduced the school community to genres that may not regularly have airtime (nothing too metal…but a bit metal…) And I always like how often resistant audiences find they kinda like some of the classic composers (helps when explaining that cannons are part of a true symphony!)



But there are audiences that support a wide range of musical peculiarities because the beat speaks to them (which is why Aqua still sells out venues) and platforms like iTunes help Indy artists get exposure! Because today’s “horrible music” becomes rock and roll hall of Fame entrants in 20 years (should just be called the music hall of Fame since rock n roll is mostly passé at this point and so many cross genres have been included already!) because no music is universally loved. Right?



And I know I face some objections to my willingness to let kids have one-earbud in at recess and lunch, but I guess it was only my school where we listened to music and shared tapes – I like to walk and listen to music/podcasts and I can’t be the only one….right? And my playlist is varied – including a couple of Rick rolls along the way – but from rap to rock and many points in between with regular ins and outs of songs that I want to hear for awhile, but not forever!



Music. As ever it will remain contentious and have moments of controversy – even for my month in reviews I’ve had parents not like some artists because of a controversy they are part of – unfortunately the suggestions they had instead had even checkered pasts and could also be blacklisted for the same reasons – so now the music ebbs and flows based on the community I am part of!



Because music matters! Even as part of recreational regulation! And whatever the movement style! Whether it’s music During Art time (my introduction in grade 5 to once a week noise regulation) or during activities (again – as I have tinnitus I find silence to be very noisy) give it a try – but be mindful of the source and get a speaker that helps the experience – my YouTube 3 things on sound:


P.S. I have a student who has troubles focusing and staying in class about to try the bone conductive headphones in the classroom tomorrow after a test run in the office – it stopped him from being too bouncy and as even he said: I’m not wandering aimlessly this afternoon.


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