Day 108 (of 187) the day after tomorrow

Day 108 (of 187) the day after tomorrow



The movie The Day After Tomorrow was about getting through some significant climate change…on a smaller perspective, the school community is coming through some interesting climate change – last week we had two snow days…and a professional development day blended with a long weekend with our provincial Family Day holiday. In other words – there are some students who haven’t been to school for four days…7 days…and 10 or more days…



In other words – not everybody is happy.


Transitions are hard. Sometimes the hardest door to go through is the open one…



Sometimes you’re a jerk Landy. Sometimes the names get a tad saltier. I don’t mind. They tend to be distractions from the bigger issues – the issues that are keeping some students home for one more day….


….and for other students, acknowledging maybe it’s not that they won’t step up and own their choices…perhaps they can’t (the benchmark between behavioural and organic interventions)


students whose absence is “sometimes noticed” because of a change of tone in the classroom….or recess areas…or my office…. but a day away is only a delay – and as I remind people – payback can come with interest (or really, lack of interest in conforming to the classroom dynamics – especially in activities that started while they were away…)



So the “superstorm” came … and went… sort of – still some snow falling in this area that traditionally does not get a lot of snow – but schools are open and roads are salted – though there are areas that are still nervous – such as LA and a possible mega storm?? from drought to flood – “the other big one



We can prepare all we want – but there are always unexpectancies that we can only prepare for in a vague way – such as today being ready to be reactive to student and classroom needs…whatever they may be. Kinetic sand…lego…bouncy balls…comics…not even need can be solved the same way – and tools that worked previously are not guaranteed to work this time …otherwise it would be behavioural and not so complex…I like behavioural challenges – interventions have an impact; it’s when you’re on intervention plan 9 that we need to rethink our strategies – or more specifically, are we taking the right approach in the mindset of the plans we are designing.

Sigh. I have not yet found a great panacea for the return from long delays – especially when weather is a bonus factor. Oh – and a full moon? Causation or correlation? 🙄 I guess all we can do is….be prepared! For what? Exactly!




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