Day 94 (of 187) when the swing is the thing?

Day 94 (of 187) when the swing is the thing?

When I saw the student spinning in the hammock contraption, even I was feeling dizzy. He didn’t though – and his EA confirmed he likewise loves spinning beyond the strains of most people’s g-force tolerance and gets off without being dizzy. I wonder if his lack of vision helps with this, but there was another girl who would spin in the playground (yellow spinning cup seat thingys) to help her regulate (when she didn’t spin, the afternoons would be tough) but if she got 15 minutes of rotations in, she could head straight into the school and get to work.

We also started noticing today (well, more like reflecting on it, but “seeing” it in the same way that when you’re pregnant you see so many more other pregnant people or how many of the same vehicle you just bought are on the road) some of our kids “spinning” while on line or as they are walking down the hall….is it a bilateral movement thing that can help (left/right brain hemispheres connecting when we take our left elbow and put it on our right knee…or anything that moves from one half of our body to the other…)

Does spinnng and getting dizzy help with focus?

I mean, a quick google search on dizzying warns about vertigo and what to watch for when dizzy and as we get older sometimes standing up too quickly…. just me? …. but “benign paroxysmal positional vertigo” can be a problem for some….but not all….? according to google….problem for all.

This is not one of my aha! blogs…..

I’m a tad confused (insert dizzy brain joke here) and my work on the Google machine has not brought me any insights. Other than dizzy is bad (except when it isn’t??)

I mean – there was sheer joy in his voice. He knew how to twist the hammock so it would go quite fast. And while I had my share of puking to clean up today….none from spinning…..

I can recall the fun rolling down hills and getting dizzy as a kid – maybe it’s a youth thing because as I got older/taller… the sensation brought more nausea than bliss.

I’m wondering because I’m making more connections to anxiety almost being like a cramp – but to the brain not your leg….and the need to sometimes distract complex brains in order to help them focus. Is there something more that dizziness might help with? The brain is complex – maybe I need to “ask Jeeves” (or ask Alexa if the Jeeves reference is more dated than I already know it is).

Anyways, WebMD says I should drink plenty of fluids and get more sleep….the internet cant be wrong!

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