Day 83 (of 187) happy blog-anniversary to me

Day 83 (of 187) happy blog-anniversary to me

Just received a notification from WordPress that I have reached my 7th anniversary of using it as my blogs home. I have enjoyed writing & re-viewing some blogs, especially:

My Rant on Anxiety

My Satire on How I Learned to Love Single Platforms

My Faster Horse connection to eportfolios:

I have also advised people not to take on the same challenge that led me to blogging each day of learning. It is difficult. It is challenging. It is sometimes monotonous – it is in fact the reason why I stopped journalling as a student – too much of the same thing (and I LOVED it in my teacher training program where a literature teacher had us blog about our reading every. single. day. I thought the class was going to revolt – I had a feeling I knew what he was getting at: don’t do the same thing again and again just because its easy. Its why I am experimenting with my blog – sometimes some bad cartoons – even exploring more video use with my T3D series (technolandys three things in EDucation) ie:

But everyday reflecting can be complicated. Initially I planned to use my wordpress as a portfolio tool….then I did daily blogs did it as a sort-of-challenge from George Couros who used the “180 days of learning” more as a “bigger system” challenge – but I liked the idea – if we should be reflecting on what we do….shouldn’t we….? So now I am midway through my sixth year of blogging “each day of learning” (with some summer and winter bonus thinks as well). And I make my reflecting visible because it took me too many years to rediscover my fathers journal as an educator (and I’m sure there are more somewhere….) and I don’t want others (aka my kids) to have to go digging to find what was going on in my mind.

But seven years. That surprised me. Time can go quickly! Heck….even “won” a “Deanie”….!

Not that I am worried about recognition. I know my daily blog helps with my reflection and that helps my mindset and my self regulation. I appreciate it when I get the occasional “neat share” but I would never expect anyone to read me daily….but as this helps me with my own writing….perhaps people will read when a heading draws their attention and/or prompts me to do something different(iated) and as the days roll by or ideally encourages them to do their own reflection – in whatever format works for them! I often talk about the need to “read to lead” but there should be some examples of communication as well…..albeit not necessarily as public as a blog….but I try to provide examples of whom I am as an educator through my blog. And I think my passions come through (tech, mental wellness, eportfolios/descriptive feedback) as well as my areas of curiosity (learning through [deep] play, gamification, Design Thinking, PBL, geniushour etc) and my passion for further personalizing the learning process.

First seven years feels pretty good…..wonder what I’ll be up to next!


About technolandy

Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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