Day 75 (of 187) well that was unexpected…. the #powerpocalypse 😇

Day 75 (of 187) well that was unexpected…. the #powerpocalypse

As families were entering our winter concert performance last night, we were all getting buzzes on our phones….

…from bchydro….

So….school was closed for students. Heck, essentially the whole town got closed!

However, many grocery stores were still going to open in the morning in case people didn’t hear and wanted to panic and get groceries (my wife grabbed some cold cuts for the kids and herself.

Schools would have employees attend work because we wouldn’t know if all our students would get the info….now almost everyone was at our concert so I did get to communicate with almost everyone….and yes, there were cheers until the realization of no YouTube or social media or Netflix…..and worst of all: it was our day at Winter Wonderland. New to me, but apparently an amazing setup at our recreation complex that is a “must attend” which is why all schools take turns going there….but of course it’s our day….and with not a lot of notice for anyone, who knows if it can be a school event this year….

And of course I date myself by stating that “nbody expects the power to be turned off” in a bad accent…that nobody seems to get…..

So we had to wait and see (after I made sure the gas tanks were full and that we had some food to hold us over)

Knowing full well that the outage is scheduled to be 5 hours or less…but something could go wrong….


9am the stores and buildings are starting to close. Turning away customers who found out about the powercopalypse too late – there are already rumours of where to go for survivalist supplies….

9:15 there is panic as wifi and cell streams are flooded with people downloading content so they don’t have to talk to other people. Websites are crashing around us.

9:16 it. just. went. dark….before the expected 9:30 start time…

9:30 we are sharing stories about how people were worried about how they will eat later in the day. Obviously forgetting that most people have cold lunches during the day….

10:00 someone set up a generator to do some work that needed electricity.

10:15 we took note of how many of our emergency lights faded into darkness. We also had some collaboration discussions and got some boring tasks done that are easier to be done when other people aren’t around!

As we resumed our normal routines, time moved quick. Everyone actually got a lunch break….many even went home for a break (“end of the World escapes” as I called them)

Many even commented that it wasn’t so bad (my daughter and some friends went to a field to play soccer) and that the downloaded media could wait for another event.

At 2:00 I noticed a traffic light was working. At 2:15 I noticed the clock on the microwave had started flashing

We had survived. #firstworldproblems and even confirmed a visit to the Winter Wonderland event for Friday before lunch! Allie well with the world…for now…!

Essentially a great reminder that as hectic and fast paced as this time of year can feel, it doesn’t have to be. There are always ‘other pieces’ to our world that can put things into perspective! Being safe and secure with family – that’s one of those things. Now to check out some social media I may have missed…..😜

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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2 Responses to Day 75 (of 187) well that was unexpected…. the #powerpocalypse 😇

  1. Anne Lamont Key says:

    Enjoying reading your blog. I’m a teacher candidate st UFV (3rd career!) and loving the PLN I’ve cultivated on Twitter. I almost always use the same quote as you when someone says “no one expects…” but sadly, few get it. Another one for you, like buzzword bingo. When someone says “strategy” I like to sing (in falsetto) a reply “when the feeling’s gone and you can’t go on, it’s …”
    All the best for 2019.

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