Day 61 (of 187) peer reflections – for tonight’s reflection #bcedchat at 7pm on peer to peer reflections

Day 61 (of 187) peer reflections – for tonight’s reflection #bcedchat at 7pm on peer to peer reflections

Planning and taking time to reflect on what priorities are has had a positive impact for a number of attendees. This came from a staff well-being activity in my school district. There were a variety of connecting pieces including points on loneliness….and professionalism….and learning believe being a “professional reflector” (blogging on a reflection piece each “day of learning”) has helped me professionally and personally.

Valuable takeaway for me at our district event was how reflecting isn’t “simply” about comparing (they thought xxx was bad so I shared about yyy) but about the moment….that mindset “what were you thinking” – without an accusational tone, but a curiosity – what is happening in your brain “now”. And reflections can link into a “community of interest” – linking up with people who have questions….ideas….strategies…and don’t want to (or can’t) reinvent the wheel. Are you able to see/find value in what you are doing….knowing that it is easy to have the negatives of a day bury the positives (even if there were more wins than not)

It was good to share ideas face to face. To take note of the range of issues and concerns (reflections) the different stakeholders had about how each has been (and is) feeling.

Being vulnerable is tricky but important. For there to be change, there needs to be risk taking….that first step forward. After all, sometimes we don’t know there is an issue until a light is shined upon it.

The format is personal. While I blog each day as a reflection tool, I do not suggest anyone else try it. It can become daunting at times, which is why I do it: reflecting is hard —> but also meaningful. Personal diaries can be good. Weekly shares…but it is easy to dismiss the value of reflecting. I only found my dads journals a few years ago, which was why I wanted my journal to be easier for my kids to find….and I wonder if I could have been more innovative if I had his books to guide me since he passed too early….

But instead, I reflect using some strategies from my current #PLN – ranging from strategies to self-regulate and be mindful to practical ways to solicit feedback:

My own feedback confirmed some of my own thinking: better followup on some of the “small things” (because they make up the big things) but….as I was reminded last night by the awesome Dean Shareski..

sometimes we can focus too much on the negative – so I will remind myself that my presence in classrooms is being noticed. As is how I work with students to solve problems….even when it’s again and again (or at least it feels like that – knowing that much like you don’t see your own kids growing tall, sometimes we don’t see the strides that some kids are authentically making in their own personal growth)

But I believe that while self-reflection is essential, it is also important to get that “outside view” and have people to talk/type with to help reflect on your own reflecting.

So hopefully some in Sunday’s #bcedchat will share what they have done this week tonight (Thursday Nov 29) at 7pm at #bcedchat


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