Day 46 (of 187) one simple rule….can it be so hard?

Day 46 (of 187) one simple rule….can it be so hard?

I have a wanderer. Apparently this year is better than last year, but….I have an issue that we are working on.

The issue is partly why is wandering has apparently decreased – I say that mindfully because he is very social and could easily spend all of recess through past lunch walking from his classroom to the bathroom and back…. in fact I think he has done exactly that…

So, now I (and any other adult) have a single question to ask: Does your teacher know that you left the room. Not an accusation or anything – just a rule that we need followed: the teacher needs to know he is out of the classroom. Most of the time he rolls his eyes and turns around. This was not my intention, but I’m also not complaining that he returns to class.

But…in the world of PBS/EBS – Positive/Effective Behaviour Supports (we are evolving away from extrinsic rewards in most cases), I am trying to still reward good behaviour in a meaningful/relevant way, so we have a plan: when (if…) he asks/tells the teacher (or even the Ed Assistant) before he goes to the hall 3 times consecutively he will get to challenge me in MarioKart 8 (part of my Nintendo Switch Friendship Station).

So now he has two “Whys” around informing an adult when he is leaving the room. The safety concern over “Where is X” – which he admits is important, but if he knows where he is, it is hard for it to have meaningfulness. The reward for doing well is now a bit more paramount – and I give an encouraging “we’ll get there” when he sees me in the hall and slaps his forehead (and turns around) before I can even ask my question…..because I love it when he sees me and says “and my teacher knows” before I can say anything! High 5!! 2 more in a row to go!


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