Day 45 (of 187) the importance of sound

Day 45 (of 187) the importance of sound


A boy was fighting this morning with his mom…with his teacher…with everybody who was telling him he had to wear his hearing aids. Finally he admitted they were bothering him, so I asked if I could “try them out”.

Sure enough, the buzz when they came to his hears was more than a little unpleasant.  My own tintitus seemed like nothing in comparison, but did provide me with some empathy. I agreed that until we could figure out why they were buzzing he could not wear them.


I also reminded him that explaining “why” he was refusing to wear them would have made a few peoples mornings (including his own) a bit easier.

But as I remind others (and myself) behaviour is a form of communication. So I listened to the behaviour…..


So, while his frustrated snarls at his mom and teacher were not appropriate, neither was his mindset to verbalize what was not working well, only that he was NOT going to wear the tool that was doing the opposite of what it should be doing. Fortunately I did have the time to sit and chat with him and listen to his words…and clarify….and ask for an example…and then try to do a quick fix – and when that didn’t work, agree with him and support him: the hearing aids would not be worn until we had a fix for them.



Sure, I could’ve just told him to put them in and walk away, but by doing some active listening and confirming that I did want to hear what he had to say, I think we got a bit further in a trusting relationship. I “heard” his concern and confirmed his thinking….just a bit more politely…



Now – how do we recalibrate a hearing aid wireless speaker system? sigh….!


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