Day 40 (of 187) reflecting forward

Day 40 (of 187) reflecting forward

I was chatting with one of our schools teachers who has a son going through teacher practicums. In a shame-free plug, I’ve ordered some copies of Doug Robertson @theweirdteacher student teacher book The Classroom of One to help out a couple student teachers connected to our school. We both were thinking about how much good information there is for soon-to-be teachers to get them ready for the world that is education (and it ain’t the classrooms we too often see portrayed in most tv shows – except perhaps Head of the Class)

I shared that I feel kinda bad for the students I had in my first five years as a teacher, but as he pointed out – willing to bet the kids appreciated what we were doing even if we got better at it later…a fair recognition based on some of the emails and random encounters in the past – had a waitress ask if I was Mr Landy and I feared that a sneezeburger was now on the menu….I didn’t need to be worried, but I know that my education style isn’t a perfect fit for everyone….

And then I finally got to watch a Dr Who episode I saved from a recent tv marathon – Vincent and The Doctor (series 5) where the Doctor and Amy encounter Van Gogh after seeing “the face of something evil” in one of his paintings. When they go to that time period, it is amazing how they show:

a) how Vincent “saw” things differently and how his paintings reflected what he saw and

b) how unappreciated he was “at the time”

I always find the episode special in how they show how Van Gogh saw the world and how he may have felt if he was able to see how people viewed him a century after he committed suicide (genius can be as much a curse as it can be a blessing). To hear how people think of you while you’re still alive…..too often we talk about highlights to others and not to the subject themselves. And sometimes people don’t get recognized until much later – both in arts and literature but even more n sciences (a Nobel Prize this year was given to a professor at Waterloo 30 years after she wrote most of the work she is being honoured for).

I would like to make a challenge: find someone who is doing interesting work and thank them for what they are doing while they are doing it. Don’t wait until it may be too late. Try to find a Van Gogh today and reflect on what they’re doing….I wonder what the reaction may be….unless you have a tardis and can help take the person forward to the future to see and learn how they are being remembered!

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