Day 36 (of 187) happy birthday to the disruptive @apple iPod

Day 36 (of 187) happy birthday to the disruptive @apple iPod

Honestly I do love the gag in Guardians of the Galaxy when starlord is given a Zune. Once upon a time there was a battle for MP3 player dominance until phones ended that battle. But for me the iPod was a cool device – even better than my first Sony Walkman decades earlier…

But I have been a fan of iPods for a long time. Especially as they have helped shifted thinking about tech.

My earliest uses were the iPod nano for music teachers – the teacher at my school when these became available was entranced at how she could create playlists that were personalized for each class. And each day. And how easy it was to have concert songs lined up and not worry about the CD getting scratched.

And I appreciated that they continued to tweak and evolve the iPod – my wish was that the iPod nano that had a video camera had a Bluetooth interface – we used it for a project around student communication and recording students talking answers rather than writing them down….

That also led to an education update if they were computers or peripherals (those who have non-educators in charge of education technology know of what I speak…)

But they were and are different (appropriate for the Apple motto)

I loved that my PAC enabled me to get the first iPod touches – to access our new wifi network. To have students listen to books on mp3 (my best readers and my most struggling readers) and interact as equals during class discussions (we did a “whole class” novel study on Lion Witch and the Wardrobe but had 6 differentiated reading groups so that everyone was acquiring the story at an “independent reading level”). We even pushed boundaries by presenting on mobile technology at a board meeting. When we were asked to present I admitted that shockingly I had forgotten my laptop at school – fortunately one of my students had our share backed up on one of our iPod touches. “But” I anguished, “I also forgot a projector” and another student took out a pocket projector that we were exploring with….

I knew then that I would need to be pushing even more mobile-than-laptop-technology. And while I still push the “one earbud only” rule for listening to music, I have found the iPod to be a reliable go-to. Heck, I even repurposed my first generation one as my new name tag at conferences….!

I know the iPod is on its final life. It is it’s own worst enemy as it enabled phones to incorporate all of its power and make a shift. Next may even be the phone itself as I am able to do many things on my watch – and with a Glass-type feature (hopefully with prescription options for those of us now with progressive lenses….) it would be pretty easy to be self contained with an Apple Watch, AirPods and iGlasses…. and maybe instead of a projector we could “share” onto other lenses for a more personalized experience…..

But the iPod was small, discreet and disruptive. All the power of the internet and a itty bitty living space! The tool I dreamed of on the long road trips with my family – movies music games oh my! Helped the most powerful tool for differentiation to fit into a pocket!

Happy Birthday iPod!

Hmmm….what might be the next tech birthday….!!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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