Day 27 (of 187) a friendship innovation idea – tech infused of course….

Day 27 (of 187) a friendship innovation idea – tech infused of course….


We were invited to apply for some “Innovation Grants”….. during our IEPs, the worry about “friendships” came up again and again – and I reflected on some work we did with the Wii a few years ago…. using a tech device that encourages teamwork, competition and many other competencies (creative & critical thinking, communication, etc).  While it worked well with some specific students, it also surprisingly worked well in our parents room – especially good was the moms having a boxing tournament….



So this year, I thought maybe we could “level up” and try something with the newer nintendo system…


The Technology Innovation Grant is intended to help teachers find new ways to integrate new technology into their current teaching practices. Rather than focusing on hardware (laptops and ipads) this process is looking at innovation; application, software, activities, that could use some money to help get them off the ground. 


Please give a brief description of your project


Friendship and Collaboration for students who struggle with Communication

Teaching friendship skills, how to take turns, how to lose, how to respond to others emotions, how to make a choice as a pair/group. 

Using tech as a tool to help students work together while also developing a coding mindset (use to setbacks, extra lifes, collaborating, plotting, building off others successes & helping others succeed)



What curriculum will you cover with this project?


Core Competences are our focus, but also. Working on behaviours to help students learn skills (ie patience) to be more successful in classroom by focusing on skills in small partnerships. Communication, Personal Awareness and social responsibility while also unlocking and practicing critical and creative thinking in safe and stressful situations, but all under “gamification conditions”. 


How do you see this project being done in other classrooms?


This may be replicated as a Center-style approach; both in-class or in “alternate environments”. The device is small and discreet but still allows for multiple “players” to learn and practice skills needed to be successful in school. 


How will this project empower students?


This helps meet some of our vulnerable learners “where they are” – many of our learners use key skills while playing games – both face to face and virtually, but they can’t always see how that transfers into “real life”. By taking a “gamers mindset” we hope that we can have key friendship competencies modelled and practiced in an environment that they feel comfortable taking risks in. 


What are the costs of your project? Please break down into individual items (teacher replacement costs are not covered by this grant)


Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Lab x 3


LEGO World

Mario Cart




Would you be willing to work with another teacher if they wanted to give it a try?





And happily this grant has been accepted, so now I get to start working on gathering the supplies and making a list of who should be joining me on some “gamification” around self regulation and collaboration (aka friendship) skills!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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