Day 23 (of 187) Adopt-A-School via @chaptersindigo and @indigolor

Day 23 (of 187) Adopt-A-School via @chaptersindigo and @indigolor

I’ve applied for the Adopt-A-School program before but never been selected. My love of literature is what led me to be a librarian and while in university to get a job with Chapters (third store in Canada but #1 in our hearts)

So I was thrilled to learn that the school I joined this year has been selected as an Adopted School!

I’ll admit the stores management team has been fabulous – they’ve spent time in our school – volunteering, checking out our library… cleaning the fish tank. Literally a dream team!

And helping us raise $ for new books for our library. I always start the budget for libraries at $5/student (and usually cheat and go above that).

So yes – I am “that guy” who loves seeing the “have you read these 100 books” lists because almost all of them get a check mark from me. For instance:

So I love it when I see kids find a love for reading. I’m also good with different formats of reading. I don’t like books on mp3 as much because I am often driving but often reading sparks an idea I want to get down- not a good idea while driving. I also use podcasts to fall asleep and when I’ve used an audiobook sometimes I’ve fallen asleep and lost my place. I do like ebooks – in a sense because I can have a couple books “on the go” and with me without taking up much space.

But I do love “real” books. The smell of bookstores. The sight of stacks of books. I may have gotten rid of a lot of my library during my last two moves, but I still have a good collection. I love that my oldest devours books about as fast as I do! I have learned from my youngest that sometimes books being read aloud are better when kids can follow along with a text (when I read Wonder our loud I found my class last year did appreciate having some text to read on the overhead screen…)

And as a librarian, I know that the library can be the heart of the school but with library programs frequently being the first area to be “downsized” it can be tricky to have a robust library. I’ve seen some shelves that are so sparse it makes me sad. I’ve loved seeing some spaces that expand to include graphic novels (I know my comic collection helped me become an avid reader) and people like Pernille Ripp @pernilleripp help me identify some of the best new books to read in school! And even promote the idea that picture books can be enjoyed by kids in all grade levels!

I love that my kids love visiting book stores … even if they get distracted by the non-book items….much like the scholastic book fairs that come to schools – there are books but sometimes the bookmarks pencils etc can be more enticing!

But I have many fond memories hanging around bookstores – both used and new! – my dad was a book aficionado so our family’s love of books in all shapes sizes….and formats…is generational (even though my grandparents weren’t big readers till later in their lives….schooling K-12 for all is still a relatively new concept)

I appreciate that Chapters Indigo wants to help support our readers and libraries because the more kids get hooked on reading, the more books get sold and the more writers who will get published….and tour at schools to further connect kids with stories!

So thank you to ChaptersIndigo for adopting our school and for the final days push to get as much love for our school as we can!!

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