Day 16 (of 187) #toughtuesday – why I dislike long weekends

Day 16 (of 187) #toughtuesday – why I dislike long weekends

This last weekend had two professional learning days: Friday was what we on the west coast call a Pro-D day (professional development) while Monday was a Curriculum Implementation Day as we make some final adjustments to BCs “new” curriculum –

And sure there are some that appreciate the “long weekend” during the school startup month. I just know that for many of our learners, that time away is “too long”.

For our learners who need consistency, long weekends are hard. The rhythm of the school week starts to feel right and then they get bonus time in their preferred environment: “not school”. And much like NASA, re-entry can be complex.

It’s hard being away from home. It’s hard getting re-used to the crowds and bells, sounds and smells, and the predictable unpredictability that is “school”.

It’s why I try to be around the school as much as possible (and still wonder why when you do a reminder about something, that something is always central on some kids minds and they have to do it – in today’s case “building bases” – which is fine – “using parts from other bases” – which is not well received.

It’s why I appreciate the visual schedules in some (soon to be: all?) classrooms so that when students get de-regulated, we can use a photo of the schedule in order to help re-connect a learner with “where they need to be” – even though we are all very aware that may not be where they want to be.

It’s also why I set up some “Buddha Boards” in my office

And prepared to blend proactivity: popping around rooms – but not going in because my presence may prompt some to suddenly need an escape and visit to the principals office….blended with reactivity with my phone on and close to me so that I could respond to any emergency texts.

Of course I had some expected visitors come to work with me and as I suspected, had some new students show up on my radar.

Sigh. Tuesday’s after a long weekend always mean that my “gotta do” pile gets a little taller because there are always some higher priorities to connect with – such as helping a girl get her bike home because while riding on the weekend was fun and getting to and from school was easy (and no hills!!) the reality after the day after a long weekend suddenly made the regular route scary and dangerous. No judgements. I get it that one days success does not always transfer to the next day. That’s what we work on the next day!

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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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