Day 185 (of 186) graduation = just smile and be happy

Day 185 (of 186) graduation = just smile and be happy

As my oldest girl graduates – I am reminded about an “award” discussion I had about my daughter. For the fourth year in a row she has been selected as the female “overall top student” <— which is an amazing accomplishment, though I did push my colleagues a bit about what the criteria is….

I cringe when awards are based on reflection rather than having outlined criteria (behaviour, attendance, whatever) and finally one of my friends asked me to stop. Smile. Go congratulate your daughter.

It was a good point.

I may not be a fan of “awards events” (that the kids didn’t choose – I’m fine with sports banquet etc) but I can only do what I can do. I do know that my daughter was surprised this year because she did not do sports as she previously had thanks to a bad knee (and work and taking an overload class schedule) but again, I teased her and asked what the grad class was told about year end awards and how to get them? Because the school does a very good job about communicating the criteria for being an honours student (though I was surprised she got a done arts one with her math & science one until I realized that two of her “bonus courses” were music – way to pay attention dad!) so I know it can be done….

I just think (and rethink) and wonder if awards should really be “surprises” (and are we like Highlander where “there can be only one!!)

But. Upon graduation, I will smile for my daughter has accomplished great things and I can’t wait to see what she (along with her siblings…) are going to do next!


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