Day 182 (of 186) the question you’re not going to like to reflect on

Day 182 (of 186) the question you’re not going to like to reflect on

John Daly, a golfer who has long been a controversial figure (many demons impacting his talent) requested using a golf cart while participating in a seniors tournament:

He has a long lasting injury that may qualify him to use a golf cart under the ADA (America disabilities act) but he is not liked by many. Scott Verplank is a well liked golfer who also has a health issue. He is allowed to use a golf cart.

Each request is reviewed on a case-by-case base and they won’t speak publicly about private medical conditions.

Here’s the reflection question:

How often are we more willing to make accommodations for “good kids” and sometimes “less than willing” for kids who rub us the wrong way – are we doing things impartially? Really….?

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