Day 169 (of 186) Dear ttoc

Day 169 (of 186) Dear ttoc

Dear Teacher Teaching On Call in my class:

Unless I say urgent (probably because it involves someone else) it’s probably not urgent. It will be a weird day because so much of what we do and why we do it had been built up on evolving relationships throughout the year – and you “jumping in” , while appreciated, will shake things up a bit. Just be mindful that “it’s okay” and for a day….how can you make the day of “different” a good experience for them…and you….

I left a math worksheet because I don’t know your comfort level – feel free to deviate!

I said be free so feel free to make changes. Going outside is never a bad thing. I have a class that doesn’t like it when I’m not there – and they ain’t afraid to make that clear! But they also need to see and experience that “change” isn’t always “worse”

Play a game…well, the game station is there for a reason! Feel free to make the day “yours” <— because you’ll notice there’s and “ours” in that word!

The kids will probably lie…or stretch the truth – especially in the lab so while we don’t usually get YouTube EVERY time, we do use YouTube some times, so it’s okay if you “let them” —> but nothing with shooters!

Leave me a note. I’m expecting everything from a one word “wow” that spoke volumes because of how I know the person who was in, to “see the principal” because…..well….anyways- notes about the day are helpful (and yes, saying “you can probably guess who ___” without saying names is fine!

Realize that I don’t pass judgements too often (there was one sub who even made my “kids who get along with anyone” confess that there was a miss-match “and we lost it when we had to unfold and flatten what we put into the recycle bin ♻️”) and I’ve only been disappointed once when I found out a TTOC had accepted a gig in my room and then turned it down for a different class that popped up that day….

Working with my class is something I don’t let happen often. I don’t like having my kids leave my room for pull-outs so I hate it when I’m not there too. So know that I am wishing you the best day possible. I am hoping the class will be better for you than they ever are for me, even though I know they won’t – relationships can be tricky and students will sometimes think that if they like the sub, it means they don’t like the regular teacher….when I had a teacher reduce her assignment, her class was almost in an open revolt against the partner teacher – we had to have them co-teach a couple of days so that the class could see that a) they liked each other and b) teacher B was not trying to take over teacher A’s job but was just helping her out; it made a significant change over night.

So knowing you need more time than you have to make connections and build relationships….thank you and good luck!!


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Principaling on the Pacific in Powell River BC Pushing 'technologization' in education: blending technology and curriculum seamlessly. Advocate for better understanding of Anxiety in Education (and use of self-regulation) Utilizing ePortfolios & Descriptive Feedback to personalize learning!
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  1. Nykol says:

    I have to say that I really enjoy your blogs. They’re honest, insightful and some of them crack me up. Thank you for sharing 🤗🌳

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